Emotions in Motion

Emotions move as do all things in the ebb and flow in our reality. There is motion in emotion, ups and downs, predictable and unpredictable mood swings. In an electromagnetic, bipolar reality, this can be expected, as the nature of the human experiment is to run the full gamut of emotions. Reality is about frequency of emotions. When your behavior is dysfunctional, you deal with lower frequency emotions, which most people realize, especially those who live in drama.

In so many ways the world is on edge. People are overworked, lost, seek compassion and love, etc. People have problems making decisions. Never have I encountered so many souls searching and in such emotional turmoil, and I know it will get worse. Perhaps I am more aware of the plight of humanity because of the work I do, and this website which attracts souls who want answers, or the climate of the planet in general, but people are lost and struggling, riding the emotional wave.

Many people don't recognize that they have emotional problems or learning challenges. They think that a few healing sessions will make it all better, or working with a spiritual practitioner will cure everything. It doesn't. It can bring some clarity and balance, if just for a while, but if there is a chemical imbalance in the brain, medication is most likely needed.

Anxiety or panic attacks are common, always occurred in the human drama, but now people seek help. They exits in fear and pain, now recognized and hopefully treated.

Metaphysics cannot free you until you are ready to move passed the emotions that block you. Hence...the large number of healers out there. After you get professional help, you can seek additional guidance and direction from those in metaphysics, their healing methods are endless. Every day someone comes up with a new way to heal, a healing system, a book, CD and off they go.

Healing and removing pain and suffering, is a long difficult road. Be sure that you are not holding on to negative emotions of anger and fear as a crutch. If you suffer in this way, can you see yourself free of fear or is it something you are used to, or a comfort zone for you. Self-sabotage is a major problem, especially with depressives who sabotage the best things in their lives. Be sure you do not set yourself up as a victim either, you will never heal until you let go.

When the person is ready, the healer will appear.

Our internal drives are telling us to heal and get needed answers as not much else in this reality works.

Humanity is a flawed race. It is all part of the shell game (fibonacci spiral, nautilus). Emotions are always in motion, so MOVE IT. Manifest Destiny ... Ask for a sign about what you are supposed to do next and your soul will bring it by synchronicity or the Law of Attraction. Emotions remain in motion, but can have amazing highs, if you can keep your energies balanced.