Living Together

October 15, 2006

Relationships highlight in the holiday season, especially romantic ones. It is at this time that many couples decide to live together. 'Playing House' can be fun or folly, especially in the 21st century when all is about rapid change and self awareness. The number of couples living together is increasing. I firmly believe that people should live together before marriage.

On the other hand, if you are happily living alone, don't let anyone trap you into moving in with you by saying they just want to stay a short time then you can't rid of them because they have no money or place to go. It will 'cost you' in more ways than one. No matter how much fun you are having, watch out for the pitfalls of living together and separating. I would say that most couples who live together, know it's for the short-term when they move in. Don't feel used.

Statistically couples who cohabitate, do not wind up getting married. That makes sense because the living together period addresses the issues that will confront the couple in marriage which would have ended in divorce anyway, or the couple would have felt obligated to remained married to each other after creating a family and financial ties. This generally results in extramarital affairs, not always about sex, but about understanding. Most of us are not here to experience one partner and one situation in this lifetime, too limited.

Along with the usual blood tests that couples take before marriage, I believe that no one should marry without getting:

Functional people develop functional relationships who live together, work out their differences having learned from past experiences, plan their future, generally including marriage, and stay together. Dysfunctional people will seek out people with similar issues so they can work them out, and whether they date, live together, or marry, or all of the above, they will generally not find happiness, just more drama, unless they get professional help.

Marriage is not easy. Two people have to want the relationship and to have the time and energy to make it work. I firmly believe that all couples should live together before marriage to get to know what the relationship is like on a 24X7 basis, to learn if they, and their partner, are equipped to live with someone else. It's not all about romantic dinners and all night sex. Not everyone can handle living with another person. Most people just want to play, spend some time together several nights a week, then have their personal freedom. The name of the game is, and will remain, Freedom, or fighting for it in a dysfunctional relationship.

In case you haven't noticed, it's not just the world that is changing, but people are awakening to their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. We no longer sit back and endure the stresses of bad relationships, as it takes too much out of us and causes disease to manifest in the physical body as a cry for help. (Equate area of disease with emotional problems, i.e. heart, breasts, and chest area problems = person seeks love.)

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