...With John Edward 2004

My journey to see John Edward was lots of fun. I had not seen him since August 1994.

I also got to sit in the front row during his performance at Westbury Music Fair last night. I can't believe how he and I are 'on the same page' about how we talk to spirits and present the information to those we are with, it is about bringing messages to people to let them know that a loved one is safe on the other side. I could 'hear' what John was hearing at the same time.

I could feel the pain and anguish many were experiencing as they sought clarity from a loved one on the other side. The spirit energies strong and compelling. For some, I know that just being at this gathering allowed them to connect with deceased loved ones, and brought them some inner peace. Group gatherings raise frequency.

John asked, "Raise your hand if you have experienced spirits through, dreams, smells, sounds, visual contact." Most people raised their hands after each question?

When he asked who had never experienced someone on the other side in any manner, just a few people raised their hands.

One women said that she dreams messages for people here and feels guided to tell them. Sometimes her messages are well received, but other times they are not. She did not know if she should continue. John told her she should. I would have told her to use discretion when dealing with others as sometimes people are not ready.

John spoke about his trip to Australia in 2003, and how spiritual the people are. It is through Crystalinks that I learned about the spiritual growth and transformation that is taking place there. Crystalinks stats reflect that Australians comprise the third highest number of readers, after the US and Canada. Perhaps I will get there one day to lecture.

Questions from the audience.... John answered most of the questions exactly the way I would have.

#1, Does a soul who died in childhood, come to a medium as a child, or has it aged? John's answer... it can be either way. I agree, but the bottom line is we see the projected thought of what the spirit sends to us. Remember that we are all conscious projections, in 3D and in spirit.

#2, Just how closely do spirits watch over us, is there a matter of privacy? Spirits, even spirit guides, come and go and generally do not lurk about in times when you would not want them around. Z is not always here, yet we remain connected by something that looks like a golden string, string theory, physics 1.1. He is there when I need him, and often is just around watching me, but, as with those who have crossed over, Z is multidimensional, his consciousness moving through many grids at the same time. He is not an old man hanging out just watching over me.

Deceased souls also move around, through the grid systems, within their larger soul group, others from the family who have crossed over, or on to other adventures to learn and experience.

A soul is always questing...searching...seeking... for knowledge. It is the purpose of its creation.

#3, from a woman whose husband died and she remarried. When she crosses over, will she go with the first husband or stay with the second one? This goes to free will. Souls not necessarily tied to anyone on the other side. There is freedom of movement as there is no attachment to a physical grid.

There was a discussion of 9/11 and the souls that crossed over though none were channeled last night.

911 was a grid insert to move consciousness forward. It is linked with the movement of consciousness and the bloodline from the Middle East, to Europe, to the US, NY and the east coast which includes Wash., the web grows smaller as it pulls things together as if strings on an old shoe.

More interesting than 9/11, was a visit by a soul last night, a young soldier from Long island, who died this week in an explosion in Iraq. His remains are being shipped home. His presence sent a chill through my body. I have not as yet spoken anyone who died in Iraq since this version of the war began in March 2003, and I went to Wash.

This morning's news featured this story, 'Car Bombs Leave 60 Dead in Southern Iraq.' It made me reflect on the soul of the soldier I met last night and recent predictions.

At the moment I can't think of what else was discussed last night, as much of the 2 and a half hour show was dedicated to talking to deceased souls.

For the most part it was wonderful to know that so many people have become enlightened and accepting that there is more than physical reality.