Is Anyone Truly Happy?

May 22, 2006

Happiness, like all else, is a state of mind, consciousness, a virtual reality experience in linear time and emotions, set in play by many factors, internal and external. There is momentary happiness, then degrees of happiness that go to the soul level which determines the direction we take in life. Each decade (chapter) of our lives determines what makes us happy and teaches us about who we are and what we need to work on to create balance and therefore happiness.

I live in a building with mostly single, young, successful adults who often come for readings.

Monday evening, as I was walking down the hall, I met my neighbor Pat, who owns a funeral parlor and had just returned from shipping a body to Iraq ... talk about reversals. Pat is 35, good looking, has a good life, is single with lots of women, is psychic, and a cool guy. We always have laughs together. Pat and I got to talking about life. "Do you know anybody who is really happy?" he asked. "Everyone I meet has problems."

We know that happiness is a state of mind, relative to the people, places and events we experience, our emotional code, not to mention the way we look and act, reflecting who we are. If you respect yourself, you will respect others ...etc.

I went to that place 'within' that has to do with my work here coming full circle. When I go there, I am so happy.. Actually, I've always been into humor not drama, but this feeling goes to the core of my soul.

When I look at comedians, and I have met many through the years, many are so sad inside, which goes to metaphors of the clown, the mask of tragedy, the carney experience linked to gray alien abductions, and trickster stuff as the program spews out the various scenarios we play out!

"I'm truly happy!" I answered Pat, citing all the positive things in my life and happy at not being a needy or co-dependent personality.

"Isn't there something you really want?" he asked.

"There's always something to want," I replied. "But I love my life as it is and feel a great sense of accomplishment and knowing that which I came here to do will be completed on schedule."

There are always the every day annoying things that happen to each of us all of us, but I tried to plan around them and never attract experiences that cause anxiety.

Pat smiled. "You're a beautiful woman, inside and out," he said.

His cell phone rang and off he went!

Another Big Apple moment!

What would it take to make you happy?