Halloween 2000 - Dealing With Your Issues

Living in this reality can be the spookiest scariest place of all

for those forced to live in fear, because of emotional problems,
abuse, or the way life is evolving in the 'think tank' (consciousness).

Are you haunted by something or someone from your past?

Are you haunted by bad dreams?

Heal and release those feelings now or they will haunt you forever!

You must conquer your fears so survive at this time of transition.

Do you have any 'skeletons in your closet'?
It's time to let them go.

Perhaps you have unfinished business with someone on the other side?

Close your eyes - if your dare.

See the spirit in your mind - or confront them in the place it haunts you.

Accept forgiveness or ask to be forgiven for that which troubles you.

Release the spirit and send it into the light.

You will feel a release and be able to move on.

Looking to ascend into your light body?
to fly away and be free?
to release your demons?

to be One with the Flame of Creation?

Heal - Create Balance - Raise Frequency - Total Understanding

Is there a part of your personality that holds you back,
robbing you of your freedom and ego strength?

As you sit at your computer - visualize that situation,
then place your finger on your DELETE KEY and get rid of it forever!

Feeling Grim? Depressed?

Please get professional help!

Planet Earth may have too many challenges for you at this time!

Are you unable to see Spirits? No?

You may be using the wrong eyes.

Try closing your physical eyes then watching the
screen in your mind that is just behind them.

Is someone around you always 'stirring the pot'?

Move away from that person or your energies will get depleted!

Do you feel that someone has cast a 'spell' on you, causing endless problems in your life, especially in finding love? This may or may not be the case. If you live in a culture where people cast spells and work in the occult to manipulate energies, you may tend to blame the things that go wrong on your life as a curse from this lifetime or another.

What you can do ... It's all about your personal grid and your focus

We each have a grid matrix around us that creates the illusion of our physical form. You can learn to adjust your matrix - bringing it into higher frequency where the lower frequency emotions of the psychic attack - cannot affect you. Please bear in mind that if you have emotional problems - you may not be able to do this as your soul still seeks the drama of the experiences whether you truly believe you want them or not.

Spell can be reversed and sent back to their creator.

Spirit guides - those of higher frequency can negate the energies and protect you, if you ask them.

Visualize white light around you as protection.

Is your life going in circles?

Do you feel like you are going nowhere?

Take time to reflect on what your soul really wants at this time of the transition of consciousness. Things that made sense before, may now seem meaningless. Everything is changing. Pay attention to the synchronicities around you.