Fire and Predictions

February 24, 2004

At 10:30 this morning, I left my apartment to run some errands. As I walked down the hall, I 'smelled' smoke and 'saw' flames, yet there was nothing.

I got in the elevator and went down to the garage ...the feeling still with me.

Uncomfortable. I went back to my apartment and checked everything. All was in order.

I asked Z for extra protection on my apartment and left. Normally my apartment is surrounded in spirit, but today I felt I needed more...

Ignoring the feeling I spend the next two hours or so, out and about.

As I drove closer to home, again I 'smelled' smoke.

I seemed to be getting smells very strongly lately. I believe this is called clairsentience.

As I turned the corner to my street, before me, at the far end of the block, in front of my building, were an endless number of fire engines, police cars and ambulances.

My heart raced as I looked up at my apartment and saw nothing but spirit. Whew! Z came and told me that everything was okay and no one was hurt.

The others cars on the street, backed down the street, allowing me to drive to my indoor garage and park my car.

A fireman told me that the kitchen of the Chinese catering/ banquet hall on the basement level of the building, had caught on fire. There were no injuries. There is no damage to the rest of the building, everything in tact.

The phones lines are down in the building, as we wait for repair. At times like this one is grateful for cell phones and cable modems, which remained unaffected by the damaged lines.

The fireman and police have left now. Those of us who use phone and fax for work will have to wait for repairs. The restaurant will be rebuilt and life in the city will go on.

I have to wonder if I was supposed to have prevented the fire....

I have concluded, after a lifetime of being psychic, that some events are destined to happen, like 9/11, and no one is supposed to prevent them. It's why I stopped making prediction on these things.

Just yesterday I was thinking that the global grid has been quiet for the past month...something is going to give. I decided not to look for it.

Updated, February 25, the phones lines have been repaired and the clean-up begun. Soon all will be back in order. I do not suspect arson as the fire was contained to the kitchen area only.