Father's Day 2006

I was lucky to have had an amazing, loving, giving, and caring father. He had no emotional problems nor vices, just programmed for parenting. He crossed over in 1984, of cancer, at age 74.

Being with parents, or remembering one's childhood, thrusts souls into the emotional grid, emotions buried that may need to be released, especially when it comes to fathers or other male authority figures in our lives who do not understand us. This often goes to control and abuse issues, and how we respond as a result.

Your inner child is your emotional body. It guides ... sometimes in the wrong direction. Childhood presents us with our initial soul group, many of those players remaining with us until the end. We create other soul groups as we mature ... always in flux and change ... today's lessons, get rid of the needy people.

As many men are drinkers, who suffer from mental illness often created by life's frustrations, they develop anger and other issues that create fear in their children.

Anger is a very powerful negative emotion. When it is projected at you, its energies imprint all the way to the soul level. This, of course, goes to fear and other dysfunctional emotions that control one's behavior.

It's never easy ... but you have to walk away into a reality created by your own strengths and design.

When you are alone, please open a new Word Document and finish the sentences below. Let all of your emotions and thoughts go. Feel the clearing and healing.