Dream of Client Before He Came For a Reading

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We are all getting used to the strangeness of reality from a physical point of view, its increasing frequency shifts creating all sorts of new, and sometimes intriguing, experiences for us.

This morning I had the strangest 'wake-up' dream. Yesterday, I booked an appointment with a client who is here for a few days from South Carolina. He came through a recommendation from another client who lives in Brooklyn. I know nothing about this man, other than he is another psychic, formerly from Brooklyn, and spirit guided him to me.

In my dream he came to me. I remember him clearly. He looked Jewish, slightly chubby, with some facial hair, wearing a light colored shirt.

He seemed so lost ... I clearly recall the desperation in his voice as he said to me, "When I come to see you today, please help me!"

Perhaps it is because he is psychic that he reached out and I remember the conversation. Perhaps the rapidly shifting frequencies had something to do with it. In any case, I can't wait to meet him at 1 pm, and see what he looks like.

I had never dreamed about a client before meeting them, that I am aware in my physical consciousness. This makes me wonder why now with this man in particular? I can speculate that the veils between dreamtime and the physical experience are thinning, my perceptions more aware.

I tried my best to guide my client's journey and felt some sort of accomplishment as he promised to see a therapist after we both agreed that he was in a depression and could not function properly. Maybe that was what I had to show him, most of all.

I know that compassion is regarded as the key to healing, but sometimes one most also face the facts of one's journey based on the energies of the current timelines and the patterns of the game and their lives.

Most clients say from the onset, "Tell me the truth. That is why I am here and what I need to face."

I consider myself a 'reality check' psychic who speaks to your soul not your physical mind and emotional body, though I can give all perspectives.

When you embark on your journey into awareness, you desire a partner who is on the same path. Others simply do not understand who you are and where you are going. In many ways it is a journey of healing, discovery and recovery of memories lost when your soul first entered this reality program. These relationships, as with all others, remain for a time as souls need to move on in order to grow.

I have never been able to connect with a metaphysical man as a relationship, as most are wounded and stuck in their issues. I prefer a man who functions in the physical world, but understands the way the game is played. These men are growing in number every day.