Codes Hidden Within

April 27, 2006

Reality is a series of holographic stories subliminally encoded by their creator.

Within human DNA are codes that allow you to experience events in physical reality with a different focus of comprehension. They trigger like time capsules when the frequency without matches the frequency within you. Reality is all about time and timing, this being the time for the information in The Da Vinci Code to become come to the screen, the film of time.

It's in our nature to solve mysteries, expose conspiracies, and quest for answers as that will ultimately bring us to the "Aha Moment"!    Aha, Pharaoh Narmer, founder of the First Dynasty ... in other words ... where it all began.

We love a good mystery that challenges us at every turn.

Mysteries have encoded messages. They have always been part of our experience and are now on the increase especially in media :: Internet, books, film, art, music, etc.

The 2006 film, "The Da Vinci Code" awakens the truth about religion in general, and the bloodline of Jesus. It will stir the souls and conversations of millions who will go to see this blockbuster.

As I have been busy unraveling the myths, metaphors, and codes of reality on Crystalinks, I have never taken the time to read "The Da Vinci Code" though everyone who has read the book has told me how similar it is to "Sarah and Alexander."

I have read the synopsis of the "Da Vinci Code" and found many similarities, leading me to believe the insert that inspired Dan Brown, inspired me, which of course takes us to Z/Thoth the Scribe who created our reality.

Many of the themes in both books run parallel, including publication in 2003. I believe Dan started the first draft of the book in 1989 the year I wrote the first draft of Sarah and Alexander.

Today, while reviewing the The Da Vinci Code on Wikipedia, I discovered something that blew me away.

In "Sarah and Alexander", Sarah is involved in a conspiracy set in motion by her ancient ancestors that goes back to the beginning of time, Isis and Osiris. Having 4 days to complete her mission, and find out the truth about her bloodline and the mystery schools, Sarah joins forces with Amaan, an Egyptian best selling author and archaeologist, who she met briefly in the Cairo Museum as a child, their destines sealed. The link between Sarah and Isis is later revealed. So here we have Amaan and Isis!

Other roles played by these characters
Thoth and Seshat, Male and Female, Co-Creators in Balance

Check this out! While looking through my Thoth image files, I discovered this penguin image along with a memo in an archived file that Thoth is the Penguin. This image dates to 2003. Note the linked crosses Above and Below, Religious Metaphors in Black and White, Yin and Yang, Birds, Bird Headed Beings, Ascension Metaphors, the Cross, the 'X' Box, Time, Rotations and Spin, Think Outside the Box, Watch the Patterns. In 2003 we weren't into penguin symbology as we are today. I wrote that column in 2003, the year both books were published. Penguins always take me to Eskimo Woman Prophecies.

Today, as I read "The Da Vinci Code" notes I had printed, the scent of roses wafted through my living room, surrounding me, until I finished. We are living the rose bloodline story. Rose is Sarah's grandmother, the last Guardian of the Seed and a key figure in ...