Clone or Cologne, Something Stinks

Cloning of different life forms, is part of biogenetic experiments and mimics our reality. Therefore the concept of cloning would be on the forefront as human consciousness awakens. In a sense, we are all clones, more to the point, projected illusion in a virtual reality experiment, in a lab, in a university/universe.

Cloning is created in labs, shades of the Nazi program during WW II.

Many UFO researchers and allegedly abductees speak of hybrids, cloning humans and aliens. This goes back to mythological tales of creation when Gods came from the skies, creating and cloning the human experiment.

The truth behind the cloning of humans, even in this timeline, seems camouflaged in lies and deceptions, without a 'smell of truth'.

In 1991, when we went to war with Iraq, I was deeply enmeshed in the UFO community and the research of many noted players in that game and the game of conspiracy. One of the central theories was 'cloning'. The information went something like this ... Saddam Hussein is not human but an alien clone, set into place by those who created our reality, a reality that plays out in a pre-defined way, as the Masonic Program comes to closure.

Allegedly Hussein was not captured and assassinated in 1991 because he was to return to play out the game 12 years later. Interesting that things follow the patterning of 12.

So now it is exactly 12 year later, January 2003. It is time for recycling, the Bushes, Trees of Life, battles in Middle East where it all began.

To me, Bush is not so much a clone, but a pawn or puppet, in the game, as are we all. As reality is lucid, and parallel, there is no way of knowing what programs are playing out in the grids, in which we experience. I consider Bush mentally unstable, and yet I see him winning a second term in 2004. I know many people want a peaceful Earth experience, but that is not what this experiment in the XBox is about.

As the cycles of time loop backwards the ...

Questers quest, Q is for quest, Q is the Trickster who plays the game to stir humanity to new realities as limited as we are, Q is the Alchemist as in Z, Q is Quetzalcoatl which goes to the Mayan Calendar, 2012 to end a program.

Also ... IQ or I am Q. -- Are You?

Archaeologists dig for the hidden secrets to our creation tale.

Healers heal ... themselves and others.

Spiritual souls work with energies

Teachers teach using new tools.

Scientists move beyond planet Earth into space where they rediscover endless possibilities.

Prophets predict strange endings and new beginnings based on Golden Alchemy and the Blueprint of a new Creation, all to occur in this timeline.

Consciousness evolves ... as is written.