Star Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children

The Star Children

In November 1992, I interviewed a man named Brad Steiger at a Whole Life Expo in New York City, for my talk show "The Metaphysical Experience." Brad and I talked about one of his many books that had been an awakening for many people called "Star People" which mentions Star Children. The book was published in 1982 and enabled many to discover that their souls came from origins beyond physical Earth.

There was a quiz in the book that allowed one to see if they were different than most humans. The world woke up to a concept called The Star Children. People answered the questionnaire (see file) to determine if they had what it takes to be a Star Child or Star Seed. If they scored high enough, it made them feel important and part of a select group of evolved beings. It took away a lot of the feeling of isolation many lost souls have while trying to cope with the human experience. We are sparks of light, soul consciousness, alien to this reality, and awaiting our return to the soul spark of creation to feel complete/whole.

I have met many people who claim to be Star Children. Most do not function. They deal with serious issues, ego issues, some yearning to go back to a planet where they feel they belong, same feelings of isolation, seek other Star Children most just want to go home. It is all the same, new labels for this feeling of disconnection, which crop up every few years as we search for some meaning to our existence here. Once we move into higher thought we need to find others we can share with who understand and are of like mind / frequency. We are frequency of thought experiencing here as projections.

In all, we are all Star Seeds, seeded as part of a bio-genetic experiment in time and emotion, that is about to end, thus result in our current healing and awakening phase.

The Indigo Children

We like to put labels on thing to help us define them and place them in categories. Parents often like to feel their children are special. There are have always been psychically gifted children and those who seem to have some power to heal. In this age, channeler named Lee Carroll coined the term Indigo Children allowing parents of children with emotional problems and learning disabilities to feel special when they cannot fit into mainstream.

We now recognize ADD, dyslexia, and other disorders that can be treated. Adults I have met, who grew up with these problems, tell me they wish they had been understood as children and taught in special programs, placed on proper diets, and on needed medication. The depressed child and adult hears voices in their head, can't focus to learn and needs understanding, often becoming lethargic with thoughts of suicide. These 'Indigo Children' were challenged on many levels and now must find themselves as they reach adulthood.

- Indigo
- Blue, the color of electricity, reality is comprised of electromagnetic energy grids through we experience consciously
- Sirius - Isis
- Hopi Blue Kachinas
- Blue as higher frequency of light on the ROYGBIV color spectrum
- Blue is mentioned in prophecies, when consciousness evolves out of the box
- Blueprint of our reality, the blue and the gold, alchemy, Golden Age, Master Plan of this experiment

The Crystal Children

The next label is the Crystal Children, a book by Doreen Virtue. It's the same description, more updated name. These are children are supposedly very psychic and sensitive. These children will be multi-faceted and able to see out of the box, yet must also play and find their way in 3D so they do not become isolated and alone. They too will have issues.

As a parent and teacher, I have been around children most of my life.

As I have mentioned in earlier columns, people come up with titles for that which has always been there. On the positive side it allows us to focus on children who show strong psychic abilities to help us understand them, allowing them to be recognized for their gifts and to understand that they have something wonderful and special that most other children do not have.

Being psychic in childhood, or for that matter having any special abilities, that the adults around you do not understand, can make a child feel isolated and alone. It is not until children are old enough to find information in books and on the Internet that they realize others share their abilities. By that time many have ground in 3D. I have received endless emails from these children who are now young adults. Children need to feel special and loved. Praise and understanding goes a long way.

Remember that as one gets older, one must focus on the 3D environment, higher frequency consciousness slowing down.

Young children are generally psychic, but ground into 3D consciousness by age 5 when they have to go to school and use the left brain, and so they forget.... What do they forget? Who they are, who we are , that anyone can be psychic by raising their frequency, that they can develop and use their skills ... that we are spiraling out of here.

There are children who remain in awareness of who they are and why they are here, that they have a spiritual mission and focus and that the time is NOW. They stay in touch with the higher aspects of their soul experience.

Not all of them lead dysfunctional lives. Many are happy and understood.

They may not have dates for a transition of consciousness, but can they intuit that it will happen.

These events are manifestations of the program, not a closure, though I have been shown that there are times our reality stops and is ...shall we say...rebooted...for lack of a better word.... with new scenarios. Many people experience time lapses and realize these temporal anomalies ....

Experience here is about reawakening, remember and raising your frequency. For some this comes automatically, for others it comes through meditation, healing, triggering, such as digital codes, drugs, and other paths the soul takes on its journey to remember who it is.

That is the journey, to remember who you are in the game.

Keep it simple.

There have always been 'psychically aware' children, who will always have a label as that is what we do in 3D to help us understand and react.

To say the children being born now are on higher frequency as it appears the planet is shifted to higher frequency, is not so.

Planetary frequency shifts slightly but is generally the same as physical Earth is physical. The grids that create the program, shift in frequency and we start to place our awareness into higher thought. It is at that moment that the 3D experience is understood and negative, lower levels emotions are released.

To be evolved, is to be removed from the negativity.

Children often 'zone out' and ignore their surroundings and move into their own reality or playground of experience. The nature of the soul is to seek balance, too bad the dysfunctional adults often screw that up.

When you look at the program of our reality, nothing is new, it is all recycled. Patterns repeat and we give them new labels as we struggle to understand.

There is always someone coming along who is guided to develop their own technique to move consciousness by healing. Most are sincere, others do it for the money. People create techniques, write a short book, put up a website, sometimes channel a guide or alien or two, do workshops, talk shows, travel, and there you have it.

Healing, no matter you cut it, is about bringing balances to all levels of your being. Keep it simple. Never let anyone tell you what you know in your soul is wrong for you. Get away from abuse and power people who have control issues. Go where you are happy and laugh.

Children need recognition and encouragement, but pay attention to the pressures you put on them for psychic information. They do not have the abilities to understand the total picture and often move away from their gifts at puberty, or by that time they get into telekinesis and telepathy, and send me email.

A psychically gifted child, as with all children, must develop in a loving, understanding environment or they will surely become troubled later on.

Did you grow up as a Star Child waiting to reunite with your ET family? An Indigo Child, from the Blue Ray and needing help? A Crystal Child with psychic gifts? This is all the same, higher frequency calling us HOME.


I want to mention two other 'labeled groups', The Walk-ins and the Wanderers who allegedly came from other places to help humanity. They allegedly are highly evolved souls who sort of 'walk into' someone's body so they can help humanity evolve. The first soul moves 'out of the way' as it supposedly wants to leave the body anyway. What we have here is the same soul in higher frequency coming in to help its dysfunctional counterpart who is mentally ill, or multiple personality disorder, both of which need professional help.

Wanderers are supposedly from other planets incarnated here now to help.

We are all walk-ins as none of us belong here. We all wander about like lost children, as we all are on our paths, journeys and missions. Many of us help others 'along the way' as we try to understand the totality of all, the totality of conscious thought. You can do it. As you raise your frequency, the information will come into place, like focusing a blurry lens, or removing a veil.

Experience your mind expanding in consciousness thought as the pieces of the puzzle come together. You are no longer look at each piece alone, but you are starting to see the image of the finished puzzle. It is happening. All the metaphysical labels placed on psychically gifted children, and courses of study and healing, are all the same. You are used to complications and confusion and seeing things as separate.....Keep it simple.