The Balance of Power

The balance of power in our reality is always shifting, for in truth, reality is about creating balance. There are players here to create balance, others to destroy it.

Balance, over your emotions, your weight, your love life, your finances, your vices and abuses, your home life, is the goal. The scales tip back and forth as you try to achieve balance in all areas of your life. It is at that time, that all becomes clear.

The balance of power is shifting on many levels, not withstanding the consequences of the actions of those in power.

The electromagnetic energies that create our reality, including our physical bodies, are based on polar opposites, positive and negative. We spend our lives trying to create balance, the energy fields that make-up our subtle bodies, and everything that is in the physical realms we experience. Experience is about creating balance and imbalance in endless cycles while we experience here. In the end of time, all will balance out, our polarities will merge back to zero point and the game of checks and balances will end.

Rules of the game: Synchronicity, when we have no money to pay our bills, we find a way to manifest it. We realize the universe will provide. But we are the universe and our souls restore the loss of balance automatically for us. We can tip the scales just so far in one direction, yet we know things will seek to restore balance as that is the nature of a program based on polarities, electromagnetic energy, duality, love and hate, peace and war, happiness and depression, etc.

Such is the ways of reality. The economy that was positive and flourishing is now depressed and still sliding, yet at some point will turn around.

The human race has a violent side. It is in our nature. Yet that that makes no sense to anyone anymore. We are evolving.

Power will always be in the hands of players, leaders who sweep across the game board of the planet aimlessly seeking the drama of war and power each believing their cause is just, yet each limited in their ability to see the repercussions of their actions.

You cannot remain in balance in the game, nothing can.

In the end, Thoth in ancient Egypt and other texts speak of a Judgment Day when all must be restored to balance. This is about the polarities of creation, returning to balance, reunion of our twin flame aspects, 'As is above So is below' merging.

Funerary Scene

Ma'at and Thoth
Both names mean Truth
Feathers, Birds, Ascension

For now we play on trying to keep balance in our lives as the scales remained tipped to the negative, and await that which we sense is just above the horizon.