The Cycles of Time - Atlantis Revisited

Through the darkness of the Void

An orb of pulsating white light bursts into existence.

A single tone resonates within, followed by the emergence

of 12 spiraling cones of light that surround the orb

calling a new reality into existence.

Within each of the 12 cones,

3 creational forces of light manifest.

By their thoughts creation begins.

With tones and light ... geometric shapes emerge

harmonizing together in the dance of creation that

will endlessly create until the end of this cycle of time.

A glowing master crystal manifests.

It is placed within a pyramid in a program called

Atlantis or Azatland.

From within and without,

From above and below,

Grids form - connecting all and everything.

The Goddess comes into existence ...

She "IS"

She is "ISIS"

With her are the God and the Child.

By her thoughts she creates tones.

The 12 pyramids blend with the tones

creating spectrums of light geometry.

Isis takes the blue-white seed of this knowledge and places it

in a sphere which now contains all of the wisdom of creation.

This wisdom will be part of the memory of each soul to follow.

She motions with her right hand, sweeping it slowly from her

heart center away from her body in a clockwise fashion

her circles (cycles) extending outward into infinity.

Isis creates the Great Hall of Atlantis.

Colors in many spectrums

Creational light energy

Creational tones and overtones

All blending in the geometric patterns of 'The Dance'.

DNA helixes spiral from the grids,

intermingling with the creational tones.

Souls in the form of light spheres emerge from the

grids coming into consciousness simultaneously.

A Cycle of Time

if one were to measure time in a linear fashion,

an etheric place that goes by the name Atlantis

combines with the energies of electro-magnetic grids

and now becomes manifest in physical form.

A land that touched the continents when all was connected.

The Great Pyramid of Atlantis - which contained the Master Crystal

The Domed Temples of Worship

The Healing Centers: Crystals, Pyramids, Hot Springs

The Hall of Wisdom

The Meeting Chamber: A marble hall of dark blue, gold, and white.

The Halls of Science and Technology

The Great Library where the scribes recorded the ancient knowledge

The Political Council Chambers

Sentient beings in physical forms

A great fertile crescent where produce was abundant

Languages of light and sound

Great images of the skies, stars, and constellations as they were then

Portals where ships from the sky transported Gods to and from the planet

Time passed and Isis returned.

She motioned with her left hand, sweeping it slowly from her

heart center away from her body in a counterclockwise fashion, the circles

getting small and smaller until they disappeared into the center.

The Cycles of Time were completing,

the master crystal releasing its encoded messages

into the cosmic energies of the void.

The grids that created the Atlantean

Cycle of Time were collapsing,

as the souls returned to their origin.

Another Cycle of Existence would come into being

in which the souls would experience through the

multitude of energies that would become their new awareness.

That was then

And this is now

As all repeats once again.