Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder

September 19, 2005

Recently I was telling a friend, who is a psychic and therapist, about someone I had been dealing who has a very annoying habit. The person in question is a woman in her 30's, very nice and helpful, no attitude, educated, and seemingly balanced, yet when she would tell me she was going to call me, or make other future plans, she would forget. I quickly ended the friendship, as my time is valuable, particularly as I am such a time oriented person.

My friend explained that it may not necessarily be the woman's fault. She seems to be displaying symptoms of ADHD, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, a chemical imbalance in the brain, in which the brain often does not process time correctly, and if the woman is busy, she would forget. It's all about the ability of the brain to focus. Once recognized, the person can be treated, or can find ways around this disorder, in other areas of their life that require focus and proper attention.

ADHD is considered by some to be a problem in the industrialized world, although in no other country are children diagnosed with this disorder as often as in the United States. But there are 2 things to consider.

1. Americans are into healing issues and have become more aware of mental illnesses and learning disorders, so children can grow up and function.

2. We realize the genetic predisposition to ADD and other disorders.

I researched ADD / ADHD / AADD in Wikipedia. This is a growing field with new information bringing better diagnosis and treatment each year.

One more thing .. please do not label, or view, these children as 'Indigo Children', enlightened, so therefore they cannot function normally, or use any other metaphysical expression that masks their challenges. Indigo, Schmindigo! I read alleged Indigo Children and their often overprotective parents.

Everyone wants to be more spiritually evolved, or have children who are special, but this is the physical plane and must be addressed as such. I taught Special Ed for many years. I know the patterns.

Parents tell me their children are more sensitive, loners, and seemingly more intuitive, but at the end of the day, they are in the norm when it comes to spirituality. These children are not here to bring the planet into its new evolution any more than other children, and often lose their so-called 'special abilities' as they grow up and must function in the world of 3D.

Recognize limitations, psychological, psychiatric and behavioral problems, and address them for what they are. Then determine a course of action that best works for that soul. It is the only way to create balance. There are degrees of ADD. An evaluation will determine the correct course of action. I am not saying this is easy, there are many challenges are, but it is treatable.

If you are adult who cannot get, or hold down a job, have problems focusing, thinking, making decisions, and so on, please find out the nature of the problem. It may be ADHD.

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