Abused Wives

They range in all ages, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, education, economic levels, dysfunctional family backgrounds, cultures, and more. These are the abused women who come to me for readings in a quest to find freedom and spiritual purpose.

Why do they stay with their husbands? You know the answer, FEAR, for themselves and other family members.

The Internet has played a major role in helping women escape from men who abuse them physically, emotionally and spiritually, CONTROL, mental illness, substance abuse, patterns, it's always about patterns. This has been the case since the beginning of time.

The woman I have read recently finally 'escaped' after 20+ years of abuse, usually when the children were grown.

They have escaped to a place far away from the husband, lost in the cracks, and found freedom at last. In many cases they report being spiritually guided to the new location, a place they never imagined they would live.

It is here they have all found soul mates and their place in the evolution of their soul's journey.

Their journeys and epic struggles could fill the pages of many novels for they are the true survivors.

Coming from a background of respect and love, these stories come hard to me especially as I have never been abused and would never allow myself to be in that situation.

It's the same old story, genetic patterns, mental illness and the roles people play in our reality, which makes little sense to most people as the program collapses.

If you are an abused wife reading this file, please seek help today. Don't let your husband demean you, blaming you for everything, fighting with you constantly, when the problems are his. Your children are as emotionally scarred as their abusive parent and will need therapy as soon as you move on. Examine your family's genetic patterns, their learning challenges and genetic mental disorders. Find out the legal ramifications.

There are many organizations out there to help you and your family no matter how violent your husband is. You can regain your self-esteem and find a new YOU. Nothing is worth the abuse you are enduring at this time in the evolution of consciousness. Please search the internet, and other resources for your help. It's a long road ... but its your quest to freedom.

Wednesday morning I read another formerly abused wife who escaped her husband to find love and spiritual purpose. At the end of the reading I told her that I need to write a column about abused wives ... when what should I find in today's news ...

40 percent of women in study report abuse by men - CNN, May 17, 2006