Trump's First Week in Office

Saturday January 28, 2017 - New Moon 8° Aquarius

We knew the Trump Era was going to be a wild ride either by his hand or the very nature of reality itself in End Times. Hang on ... as Trump tries to fix problems all the while creating new ones. This is the algorithm that has kept our reality flowing since the beginning.

The same Trump we met during the election has come forward with many ideas that are confusing, divisive, conspiratorial, and total distractions. As I watched commentary on my favorite NBC news shows, the experts seem just as confused about what Trump is doing as I do. I don't claim to understand the many facets of the political and economic systems, but I do know the truth lies hidden. To make daily commentary here seems futile and not my programming. Part of me feels bad for Trump's team - who won't last - with one exception - Mike Pence who's smiling expression reads, "I'll soon be president." Again it keeps us engaged while so much more goes on behind the scenes.

Trump's wave of directives reversed years of American policy on immigration, trade, health care, abortion and the environment. He ordered a federal hiring freeze, revived the Keystone XL pipeline project, reinstated a ban on foreign aid to health providers that discuss abortion, abandoned the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, and floated the idea of bringing back C.I.A. 'black site' prisons. He also made a torrent of false claims and deepened his feud with the news media, which was labeled 'the opposition party' by his chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon. A recurrent theme was his extensively discredited claim that millions of people voted illegally in November's election.

Saturday Trump spoke with five world leaders -- most significantly Putin. (When I "dictated" the name Putin to my computer it spelled his name "Poop" ... maybe it was reading my mind or I projected the word ... It is after all just a thought experiment.) Clients in Russia are waiting for Trump to lift the sanctions. Can he be that stupid? Don't answer that. Trump and Putin ... something smells.

Trump and Putin make counter-terror top priority in first call   CNN - January 29, 2017
Donald Trump held a series of phone calls with world leaders on Saturday - including one with Vladimir Putin. The Kremlin said both sides had agreed to make fighting "international terrorism" - including so-called Islamic State and "other terrorist groups" in Syria - a top priority. The White House said the call was a "significant start" to improving a relationship "in need of repair". Mr Trump also spoke with leaders from Russia, Japan, Germany, France and Australia.

I don't know all the facts about US relations with Mexico, but when Trump says he's getting along with President Nieto, that makes no sense. The wall will take years and cost billions of dollars. With earthquake activity increasing, it's doubtful it will ever get far.

Immigration Ban

The New Moon in Aquarius brings unexpected change ... and no one does it better than Trump.

Trump's dizzying first week in office culminated with an executive order blocking U.S. entry to refugees from around the world for months or longer. It also bars citizens of seven countries, including Syria and Iraq. The order trapped travelers at airports and upended the lives of refugees. There were protests, along with scattered support. On Saturday night, a federal judge blocked part of the order, preventing those being detained at U.S. airports from being deported. Across the world, refugees and even some permanent U.S. residents with green cards grappled with the far-reaching effects of the abrupt border closure, which experts said was likely to increase, not decrease, the threat of terrorism. And array of Christian leaders denounced Trump's plan to give priority to Christian refugees when arrivals resume. Protests continue at many international airports and cities.

  Donald Trump's travel ban fundamentally changes American history   CNN - January 30, 2017
Donald Trump's travel ban on seven Muslim-majority nations marks an early defining moment for his presidency and an inflection point in America's posture toward Islam and the outside world that could resonate in history. The move, which also temporarily bars refugees from entering the US, ushers in the first clash between Trump's populist and proudly politically incorrect leadership style and what his critics see as bedrock values that define the nation.

  Trump travel ban: Here's what you need to know   CNN - January 30, 2017
It was a wild couple of days of chaos and confusion after President Trump signed his travel ban. Not up to speed on what went down over the weekend? Here's a quick primer.

  2nd day of protests over Trump's immigration policies   CNN - January 30, 2017
America's major airports became ground zero Sunday for a second consecutive day of protests against President Donald Trump's new immigration policies.

The Time Traveler 2017

Saturday January 28, 2017

For the past 21 years I have blogged about reality as a consciousness hologram set in linear time to experience emotions. We are experiencing significant natural disasters and climate changes, all part of what I call the End Times of this experiment. Systems are failing everywhere - that were set in place at the beginning to created chaos - highlighted with politics and the need for certain groups to control society. We each experience the patterns of reality at this juncture based on our programming. Some people will understand the illusion of time while others will play into the emotions ... but anyway you cut it ... time is going away. You may be experiencing in one or more versions (subroutines) of this storyline - but in all of them the knowing that everything is going to change/evolve is apparent.

You see it as a spiritual evolution - which will not happen without the chaos from which it arose. That is the algorithm of this experiment.

We are coming the end of Donald Trump's first week in office. Comparisons have been made with the book 1984. I remember the book, the films, and not aligning with the dystopian novel published in 1949 - post WWII. The phrases "war is peace," "freedom is slavery" and "ignorance is strength" are resonating with readers as well as "Big Brother is watching you" something I've thought about through the years especially as surveillance increased and shows like Person of Interest became part of our culture. Surveillance is both positive and negative - destined to happen in the Age of Technology and Awakening to the truth behind the illusion. In the year 1984, actor John Hurt starred in the film "1984," winning praise and awards for his portrayal of a citizen caught in the grip of a totalitarian government. Hurt, 77, died on the same day - January 25, 2017 - as Mary Tyler Moore.

On another level ... Surveillance takes us to The Watchers - those who monitor our thought experiment - however you perceive them.

For those programmed to the WWII time travel experiments and resulting time loop ... it appears I am not the only one who sees things coming full circle. Others contacted me this week about their current experiences and remembrances as if we were our destiny to reunite at this time. As things collapse around us ... we revert back to the beginning. Physical reality is an experiment in Time and Emotions.

Yesterday - January 27, 2017 - was International Holocaust Remembrance Day an international memorial day commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. It commemorates the genocide that resulted in the death of an estimated 6 million Jewish people, 200,000 Romani people, 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people, and 9,000 homosexual men by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.

It's about Time

Reset :: The Doomsday Clock

Only 2.5 Minutes to go

The Illusion of Time will soon disappear ... Tick Tock

Doomsday Clock Ticks Half-Minute Closer to Midnight in Historic Move   Live Science - January 26, 2017
For the first time in its history, the Doomsday Clock, an imaginary timepiece that represents humanity's proximity to annihilation through mechanisms of our own design, has moved 30 seconds closer to calamity, with the minute hand now at 2 and a half minutes to midnight, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced this morning (Jan. 26). The minute hand's new position for 2017 was determined by the Bulletin's Science and Security Board in consultation with a team of experts including 15 Nobel laureates. They last reset the clock on Jan. 22, 2015, at 3 minutes to midnight, with midnight representing global calamity.