Student Bodies August 2014

From University Choices to Global Incidents

If you or someone you know is starting university at this time, be sure they are majoring in a subject that will earn them money when they graduate. The cost of education is very high these days - many students taking student loans or parent sacrificing to help their children. I know that young people are very much into creative arts such as art history, film and drama, writing, many of the liberal arts, and communications. There has to be an end-game with one's major. We are not living in the old days when you can graduate without a career and debts to be repaid. This is especially hard for those with emotional problems who would like to live their lives as free spirits ... traveling, learning, and somehow managing to survive.

Is Your Student Prepared for Life?   New York Times - August 31, 2014
16 million young adults set off for college this fall, they are looking at some frightening statistics. Despite the ever-rising cost of getting a degree, one number stands out like a person shouting in a campus library: According to a recent poll conducted by AfterCollege, an online entry-level job site, 83 percent of college seniors graduated without a job this spring. Even when these young people finally do get jobs, the positions are often part time, low wage or not related to their career interests. The problem isn't the quality of higher education in the United States, so what's missing?

A ‘major’ issue for financial well-being   Stratford Star - August 8, 2014

After all these years, I finally figured out where I went wrong with my life. It turns out I made poor choices in college. I should have been more obsessed with my future earning potential than with trying to save the world and acting like a pseudo-intellectual in a Woody Allen movie. Years after reading Aristotle’s Metaphysics, I can’t even remember what he said about writing resumes or LinkedIn. Yes, I was one of those students duped into believing a liberal arts education had value.

My Grandson Michael is a Junior in High School looking at colleges
Michael has a 4.0+ average and plays High School baseball.
His first choice so far is Boston College.

Global Incidents

If you were a teen today, how would you perceive the future? It's interesting that the events in both Ferguson, Missouri and the 2014 Israel-Gaza Incident started with the activities of teenagers:

Shooting of Michael Brown   Wikipedia
The shooting death of Michael Brown occurred on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, United States, a suburb of St. Louis. Brown, an 18-year-old African-American man, died after being shot at least six times by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, 28, who is white.

2014 Israel-Gaza conflict   Wikipedia
On June 12, 2014, three Israeli teenagers were abducted in the West Bank. Israel blamed Hamas.

  Police: California high schoolers plotted to kill 'as many students as possible'   CNN - August 19, 2014
Two high school students plotted to kill three staffers and as many students as possible in a mass shooting plot, police in South Pasadena, California, said. But acting on information provided by officials at South Pasadena High School, authorities were able to foil the plan, police said.