Reunions in The Autumn of Time

Tuesday November 7, 2017

Another former Lincoln High School friend named Linda emailed me on Facebook. She wrote: "Hi Ellie....just thought I would say hello and remind you of lunch hours spent on the steps of Lincoln. As I recall, you were a mini crumb cake luncher. I also remember some philosophical talks. We should catch up." Ah yes ... Drakes Crumb Cakes ... but more than that I remember Linda and I laughing and talking about life. Though that was just a few years after my UFO experience in the Nevada desert, that part of my destiny would remain in the closet for the next two decades. Linda and I spoke later in the day about old times and new.

I am actually one of the few people I know who has fond memories of High School though I was happy to graduate early (January before turning 17) - going on to Brooklyn College - then gradating the summer after my 20th birthday. NYU followed after that for one year.

Back to this timeline ... the sun was shining as off I went to run errands. While at Walgreens on 3rd Avenue and 97th Street I was guided to the bagel store across the street where I was "told" I would find Crumb Cake 2017 Brooklyn Style ... and here it is. Interesting that I wasn't drawn to buy a piece, though I have tried them in the past and enjoyed. Please have a piece.

Next I took a drive along the Belt Parkway stopping to enjoy the last vestiges of summer with people of like-mind. There were two young couples shooting a scene for a documentary, bicyclists, joggers, along with others who pulled over to relax in the energies of the day while sitting on a bench. If only life could be this calm for everyone. A local man took these two pics of me by the Verrazano Bridge. As the sun was behind me, they came out dark, but today was all about the water and the bridge. After studying the second picture I realize the position of my arms reads like the symbol for Aquarius. I am Aquarius - February 17th.

Reality is an Illusion Bridging Across Space and Time


The White Pigeon (Updated)

Previously on Ellie's World ... Wednesday September 6, 2017

There once was a white pigeon in Brooklyn who flew onto a rooftop across the street from my apartment on 4th Avenue, to join other local pigeons (about 10 of them). White pigeons always remind me of Nikola Tesla, so I watched him try to join his other fine feathered friends. Much to my surprise they paired off in twos ... walking ... then flying away leaving him alone. Tesla would have probably been upset and tried to befriend him but remember Nikola in this reality it seems that birds of a feather .... My white pigeon looked around then flew off undeterred by rejection.

Thursday morning ... I looked out and noticed he was flying with the rest of the flock though he was the last bird and still seemed to be isolated.

Friday November 10, 2017

Guess who I met today? There I was walking to my car when I saw him ... my white pigeon. He all but walked up to me but got skittish when I tried to take a picture. He was still with the other pigeons and I wished I could take him home as winter approaches. I think I'm going to call him Tesla. (Vidimo se uskoro!) - See you soon!