The ISIS Crisis

September 10, 2014

It all started 13 years ago when al-Qaeda attacked the US on 9/11/01 thus setting in motion the war on terrorism that may never be resolved. It was a new insert in the hologram ... one that would move through the 21st century.

On the eve of the 13th anniversary of 9/11, President Obama will address the nation about the ISIS crisis and his plans to deal with it. I assume information will be given on a 'need to know' basis. Obama's speech details his plan to degrade and destroy ISIS - a complex challenge in an unpredictable region. With ISIS overrunning Iraq and finding a safe haven in Syria, Obama will make his case for going on offense. At least he is not asking for round troops as we just don't have it in us anymore to fight another losing battle.

Syria ... all we read about are atrocities as people struggle for freedom. Are these the troops Obama hopes to train to do battle with ISIS? None of this makes any sense to me. I like Obama, but the day he sends US ground troops back into Iraq, it's over between us.

A recent poll by the Wall Street Journal shows that 47% of Americans feel less safe than before the 9/11 attacks. To me this represents the fact that Americans are waking up in more ways than one, to the greater threats, not just by outside influences, but by the government itself. The games are stepping up and you have the chnageto get affront row seat.

Surveillance holds the key to truth and yet it causes more havoc. There are watchers and there are watchers, and all we do is keep playing as if can make any difference at all to the final outcome.

The poll also says that at the present time 2/3 of Americans believe we should confront the ISIS crisis head on. I say kick their asses, but not with ground troops. With today's weaponry, there's no need to endanger and destroy the lives of Americans.

The current beheadings of two Americans is the most followed news story in the past five years, but then again look how social media has updated the way we report and receive information. There's no time to concoct or cover up lies. The truth is out there and we will find it.

September 11, 2001

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September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
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Sarah and Amaan

Monday September 8, 2014

My wake-up dream was about the first draft of "Sarah and Alexander" dictated to me December 1989 by a boy in spirit named Alexander. It's the scene where Sarah and Alexander reunite in a cave at the place where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet. In that version of the story, Sarah, 23, arrives there with Amaan, 29, an Iraqi/British archaeologist she meets while taking a Masters Program in Archaeology in Boston. They meet after Amaan's white Persian cat walks into Sarah's garden apartment through her French doors. Sarah follows the cat back to Amaan's apartment a few doors down. They quickly discover they are in the same program, and forge a friendship.

Months later, their discovery of an ancient map with a drawing of Sarah's amulet carved into a mountain, send them on a harrowing journey to find out more. For Sarah this would be a connection to Alexander and their shared destiny. It had been 16 years since Sarah and Alexander met, when he gave her the amulet and she gave him her grandfather's broken pocket watch which starting ticking as he magically held it. Alexander promised to keep time until they were reunited at the end.

... After a lengthy search ... Sarah and Amaan are unable to find the mountain with the carving of the amulet. Sarah intuitively stands at the place where the rivers meet. Holding her amulet outwards it emits a beacon of light across the murky water .... A UFO covered in debris slowly rises and shoots a similar beacon at the mountain. As the UFO descends into the water, Sarah and Amaan climb to the place it guided. There they brush away a protective covering of scrubs and discover a stone door with a pattern matching Sarah's amulet which she uses as a key allowing the door to slowly pivot open ... They cautiously enter.

Once inside, the door closes behind them as an unknown source of energy lights a large stone room. The stone walls are heavily inscribed with the journey of humanity until that point in time. In the center of the room they find two stone sarcophagi, each inscribed with the amulet, and an alter in the middle that holds a book about the future of humanity and its return to light ... enter Alexander to explain ....

The metaphors here are endless ... but the story isn't. It has an ending. As I woke up thoughts of Isis/ISIS entered my mind as part of the ending of the story.

A 1989 sketch of the amulet

The test tube DNA was later omitted from the final design ...

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As the world waited for something significant to happen on December 21, 2012, nothing occurred. My story ends on July 4, 2012, as Sarah and Alexander spiral out of existence along with the hologram. That was the day the God Particle (Higgs Boson) was discovered opening doors to the multiverse, time travel, black holes, with emphasis on proving we exist in a holographic universe, and more. Fade to Black.