Fun With Clients and Spirits

Sunday November 30, 2014

This photo was taken today by a client named Melissa, 30, from Brooklyn, who also has a white Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I record my in-person sessions on an old fashioned cassette player but encourage clients to also use their cell phones or other recording devices. Seeing Melissa's phone inspired me to take out my phone and snap a few pics We really had fun doing this, the humor translating into her reading. I like to have fun with clients, especially those who come here. It's sort of magical for most. During Melissa's session, both sets of her grandparents were here which added to the experience. They came and announced themselves to me, I knew their names, etc. and off we went.

The 9 Year

The 9 year in Numerology is about transition, endings, and closures. Anything started in a 9 year will last for the short term - from projects, to relationships, etc. It is the year to get rid of ... to clean house of things that will not be part of your next cycle. Whether you realize it or not there will be endings, either forced upon you, such as the ending of a bad relationship, or willingly let go with the knowledge it is time to move on. It is the year you can't control things easily - you have to let life happen. The more you pursue ... the more it will move away from you. For some it's a terrible year - for me not so much as I plan for it and understand the energies.

2015 will be my 9 year (2+17+2015). I'll be 72=9. My life path is 9. That's a lot of 9's - a triple whammy. I don't expect to die or anything as dramatic as that, but perhaps my purpose for being here - the closure of the hologram - will show itself and we Fade to Black or something cool. I will also finish my diet with a goal weight of 130 pounds and remaining healthy as I have no health issues. I don't feel 72. I still wake up each morning and look at the world through the same eyes (consciousness) as I have the past 72 years. At my age there are no major goals in a 9 year, just allowing it to play out and keep balanced.

My black velvet jacket, pictured above, might be a symbolic representation of my 9 year, as those are my colors. The jacket is 18 (9) years old, hardly ever worn, and most likely out of style. This winter my choices were ... wear it or throw it away. It was the last article of clothing stashed away in my closet, that I took out last week. It's actually the warmest jacket I own and has a hood - a must for me as I never wear hats. I'm ready!