Past Life In World War II Germany

April 10, 1995

Many of the souls that experienced in WWII have returned now as this point of transition in the timelines. They often remember their lives before, during, and after the war. From the time I was a young child - I knew I was here to because of a time machine and time travel.

Memories of German Labs and my first remote view:

Back in Germany I was a physicist who worked in Hitler's secret underground labs on time travel experiments. Frequent visitors included noted physicist of the day. I also have memories of working with extraterrestrial beings in human form.

Through remote viewing, and shared experiences with other people I met in this timeline, I have discovered we were all part of the same grid experience, independently recalling the same memories with a connection to alien technology, time travel and physics.

Sometimes when I remote view to the Nazi timeline with others we physically hear the underground sounds of trains and people screaming.

As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to build a time machine. I have more clocks in my home than anyone I know.

My first remembrance as Ellie Crystal was my soul coming through a tunnel at lightning speed, which of course could be my birth February 17, 1943. Early on I remembered a lifetime in WWII Germany as a physicists.

The first time I did a remote view was in 1989 with a friend named Cheryl who goes by Deja Allison. I saw myself as a stow-away in the engine room of a large ship. It was the dead of night, when suddenly an explosion occurred not far from me. Everyone ran topside to the life boats. They were shouting in German, and I understood.

I saw myself helping a man who was clinging to a briefcase, circa 1940s. I seemed to know him. He was too scared to climb into the lifeboat which I had thrown into the water below us. I was coaxing him on and telling him to hurry. The man was my brother, Frederick, who was Cheryl in this current lifetime, born four years after me.

After days at sea, my remote view next took us to South America. As brothers we remained there for a period of time then slows found our way to Philadelphia. Further remote views revealed our identities and missions.

About Joseph

Joseph was born in 1900 to a German Jewish doctor and his wife. He had a fraternal twin brother, Frederick. My daughter Nikki in this timeline - was my mother. When I go back into my past life in Germany - Nikki sometimes has nightmares about running away in a tunnel from someone and them capturing her and branding her with a Swatiska. She once dreamed about having twins sons. This was before I found out about my German past life. She has always treated me like she was my mother. Now it all makes sense.

School and career:

Educated in England, Cheryl and I became scientists. Another friend who surfaced in my life this year is Marcus, another natural remote viewer. In the past life we studied at university in England. His family and ours were socially linked. Marcus was an only child in that timeline. His mother had supposedly died in childbirth. We later discovered that his cold German father had his mother murdered because she had an affair with our father and he was actually our brother, which he did not know until he became an adult.

I know this reads like a soap opera, or science fiction novel, but when the information comes from sources that do not know each other, and dates and places are confirmed, there has to be truth in this. Marcus and I remained friends in university and later after returning to German. He never married and became a co-collaborator and conspirator in the time traveler experiments.

The Bistro and the Castle:

There are two places that everyone in that past life seem to remember - a bistro where we all socialized and a castle in Wewelsburg scenes where an elegant gala took place that linked many of us who were to meet in this timeline. Nothing was as it appeared to be at the gala with many factions involved in covert activities which included underground facilities.

Joseph's personal life:

As Joseph I married shortly after medical school and had two sons. I remember being rich and living in a house with tight security. I was somewhat neglectful of my family. When I wasn't working I was out socializing.

I had several lovers one of whom stole my heart. I can still see me sitting in the bistro listening to her sing as she played piano. She had flowing long red hair and beautiful blue eyes. We were very much in love. I eventually left my wife for her. She became pregnant with a child in 1932 and had a daughter in 1933. She named her daughter Eleanor - (my real first name in this lifetime).

As I was Jewish and she wasn't, her parents would not consent to a marriage. They made her give the baby away to other members of her family and sent her away for a time. That baby is now a grown woman in her sixties. She lives in NY. Oddly she came to see me in 1993 for a reading.

Eleanor and Elinor:

A client I met in 1992 named Eleanor was to bring additional confirmation.

When we first met she felt a loving connection to me. I felt a strange unsettled sensation that I couldn't explain. As we discussed her childhood the synchronicities began to fall into place. Eleanor had been born out of wedlock in Germany in 1933 to a non Jewish woman. Her mother's family would not let her keep the baby. She was sent away to be raised by relatives who were cruel to her. She later found out they disliked her because her father was Jewish.

Her biological mother claimed Eleanor when she was ten years old in 1943 the year I was born as Elinor Crystal in NYC. Her mother had married another man and had a child of her own. Eleanor never felt she belonged. The truth about her biological father was not revealed until her mother gave a death bed confession. She was told that her natural father was a German Jew named Joseph Mandlebaum, a doctor who had escaped from Germany during WW II. Papers were later found belonging to her mother. They had been sent to her mother from her lover postmarked Philadelphia. These papers matched the information I had discovered about my past life as Joseph.

The Underground Experiments:

Forlorn after losing the love of my life - Eleanor's mother - I thrust myself into my work. I became involved with physics on one level and the esoteric on the other. Those were crazy times. When the war began we were all working in underground facilities - Marcus by choice and Cheryl and I forced by the Nazis.

There was also a connection to the Vril Society but I'm not sure to what degree.

Many other scientists were recruited by Hitler before the war for secret underground experiments connected to the esoteric teaching and engineering using alien technologies and relics. The focus was on tine travel.

The Escape from the Laboratory:

Cheryl and I could always l see ourselves in the lab on the night we escaped. It was in the middle of the night. We were there to steal some sort of plans as Hitler was closing in on our secret research - a time tunnel. Suddenly we were surprised by a man who caught us in the act. It was Marcus a double agent working with us secretly while playing the part of a loyal Nazi.

He entered the lab as we were about to leave. I could still see him holding the gun on us deciding whether or not to kill us. He did not expect us to steal the plans we had all worked on for years, but Hitler was on to us and we couldn't let him get his hands on our research. Marcus felt betrayed by us! Coming to his senses he quickly realized that it was best to let us go as the Nazis were closing in. Off we went ...

After allowing us to escape, Marcus was confronted by the enemy. He turned on the time machine then ran through as he was shot in the back He can still feel the bullet in his back. We had only developed the technology to send objects through but not to retrieve them. We would meet again through Crystalinks in 1995.

When Cheryl first saw a picture of Marcus in this lifetime she said, "I know who he was! He was the man who let us escape from the lab in Germany! I am absolutely certain! I can still see the scene as if in slow motion. He was with us in the lab when we stole the papers! He let us go!" I had not told her about Marcus and the past life at that point.

Back to the escape:

Somehow Cheryl and I got the time portal to open finding ourselves transported to Antarctica into some sort of scientific facility which is the best way I can describe what I remember. Next we found ourselves in Argentina though I'm not sure how we got there. I remembering a harrowing journey by ship to Philadelphia where we narrowly escaped with our lives after an engine fire capsized the ship.

Cheryl and I met again in 1989 discovering there was a link to the Philadelphia Experiment and time travel. In this lifetime I would encounter several of the people involved in that experiment as well as the Montauk Project all having the same memories. The first time I met Preston Nichols in 1993 from the Philadelphia Experiment I felt nothing but fear though I couldn't understand why my soul reacted so violently to him.

I soon put things in their proper perspective allowing me to connect. In 1993 I interviewed the people involved in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project: Preston Nichols, Al Bielek and Al's brother Duncan Cameron. The interview was on my TV talk show "The Metaphysical Experience".

There are many people from the WW II timeline who I have met in this lifetime who have past life memories paralleling mine. One interesting story that many people seem to remember happened at a gala in a castle in Germany with hidden underground labs. We were all there.

Remote View Philadelphia 1942:

Cheryl and I remained in hiding along with the papers as government officials tried to track us down. Next I saw myself running through a cemetery in Philadelphia. I had the papers in a canister which I hid in a mausoleum. I ran away but was captured. I remember being in a laboratory or something like that. There was a fight. Some chemicals exploded. I was blinded. I blacked out. I remember not being able to see. I died shortly afterwards.

In my current lifetime - my first metaphysical teacher was a woman named Sue Reeve. One of her classes was about past lives. She turned to me and said, "You were blind in your last lifetime!"

More confirmation: Marc, Chelsea, Philadelphia, Vladimar

In April of 1994 I traveled to Philadelphia with a friend named Marc for a conference on Free Energy Devices. On the way there Zoroaster (spirit guide) told us that I would meet a man at the conference who would in some way confirm my past life in Germany. [Marc was not part of the WW II timeline.]

As Marc and arrived in Philadelphia one of the first things we saw was a cemetery. Marc wanted to look for the canister. I thought it was silly and we were running late, so we didn't stop.

After lunch I noticed my friend Chelsea Flor in the back of the room selling newsletters. I walked over to say hello! Suddenly a man walked up to me and gave me a big hug! He turned out to be Vladimar Terziski - a researcher I had as a guest on "The Metaphysical Experience" two years before. His topic - "UFO's and the Third Reich". I had met the man I was told I would meet. He was another confirmation of the WW II lifetime. What a cool synchronicity to meet him in Philadelphia! He gave me a gift of three videos containing information about the link between the Nazi's and ET's.

Michelle 2017
Remote View Back to Germany

Present Day:

I never forget that at the end of this simulation/hologram, in one form or another, I will transport through the tunnel we created back in the lab and on and on through until we were back at the beginning.