Ellie at the Third Avenue Festival in Bay Ridge

The Muslim Woman in Black and Terrorism

Sunday September 28, 2014

My friend Josephine and I spent the afternoon at the 3rd Avenue Festival in Bay Ridge. Thousands of people lined 3rd Avenue from 69th to 94th street - walking past street vendors, musicians, outdoor restaurants, and entertainment for children. Our favorite part of the day was listening to do-op music and singing along. Some things never get old nor do some people. Though it was hot - I later learned it was 87° and humid - it was a great way to say good-bye to summer.

I think the group was called the Troubadours - five guys my age from south Jersey - one originally from Bay Ridge.
Two hours of non-stop entertainment in all that heat ... Jo and I eventually retreated to chairs in a shady area.

This blouse is the only thing I bought at the festival.

We met two local women psychics (gypsies) from the area who had tables at different places along 3rd Avenue and were hoping to have customers. Neither one did any business that we saw. The psychic reading business is not what it used to be especially with the bad rep gypsy fortune tellers get from the press. Josephine and I reminisced about meeting in the early 1990s when I did readings at another 3rd Avenue Festival in front of our friend Gloria's metaphysical store on 3rd and 82nd Street. Those were the days. I did several street fairs and many indoor psychic fairs back then but that was long ago.

On 82nd Street we stopped to visit my friend Anthony who owns a restaurant The Pearl Room. Outside the music played and people danced in the streets. Tables from Anthony's restaurant and others along 3rd Avenue were found everywhere as people enjoyed the festival. Inside I looked over at one of he TV screens. The NY Jets were losing to Detroit Lions 24-10 - the final score ... 24-17.

Most of the people were locals - white folk - and some local Muslim residents. As Josephine and I sat listening to the music, she noticed a Muslim women dressed in black her head covered with a black hajib. Her left arm was in a cast, as if broken, which was also covered in black fabric. Since New Yorkers worry about terrorists, we both thought ... could she be concealing a large weapon? Maybe I watch too many cop shows, but we are cautioned to look for a potential threat especially now with al-Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorists groups emerging. As I walked toward her for a closer look, a boy about 12 ran up to her, as if she was his mom, so I backed away as they walked on unaware of our suspicions. This is what the world is about....

Today we see growing global violence and collapse. Hopefully you understand it is all a process. Some people think they have to argue a cause because a programmed event in their lives brought them to that point, or they feel the need to go out and physically fight, or do something to make things better due to their own pent-up frustrations as terrorism expands. This is what's always guided the program and what still guides it today. Life here is stressful and getting more so every day. It's as if the more someone protests - the harder things become.

Recently I've noticed that people who have emotional problems (mostly depression) - needing drama in their lives to keep their brains focused in physical reality - have created far more intense dilemmas than they ever imagined could befall them. Much of it was based on false promises by other people they attracted into their lives to play out their dramas with. Unable to own up to their own mistakes, life just seems to be getting more and more complex with no solution that will create the result they strive for. What they want may never be attainable and they should change direction.

We are programmed to respond to things that change reality on a global level. When someone tells you that your behavior is harming the environment you pay attention and consider making change whether it's true or not. When you are told that a group meditation will raise the frequency of the planet, you go along and believe it. None of it will ever make a difference. Just sit back, relax and allow events to unfold. Whoever, or whatever, is supposed to be in your life, will happen.

It's not just about social issues but the Earth Changes that are impacting us faster, more intensely, and affect everyone now. How long do you think it will be before the Pacific plate comes apart? This, as we know, will affect all of the volcanoes and tectonic plates across the globe.

Saturday in Japan: Mount Ontake is the second highest volcano in Japan at 3,067 m (10,062 ft). On Saturday Mount Ontake unexpectedly erupted. To date at least 31 people are dead as the summit continues to erupt.

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