Tsunami December 26, 2004

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake - Wiipedia

Consciousness mirrors the planetary grid, or is it the other way around, or both? Each year thousands of people are affected by Earth change, as the story of the Earth, changes. In the energies of the Full Moon in Cancer (water) planet Earth (sun in Capricorn) experienced a 9.0 underwater Asian earthquake disaster, with resulting tsunami.

Largest Earthquakes since 1900
1. Chile; 1960, 9.5
2. Alaska: 1964, 9.2
3. Aleutian Islands: 1957, 9.1
4. Sumatra and surrounding areas: 2004, 9.0
Kamchatka: 1952, 9.0

The events of the December 26, 2004 earthquake are moving like shockwaves through the grid as the force of the water [collective unconscious], tsunamis, awaken another group of souls to the upcoming changes in reality.

A tectonic plate was cracked, therefore there is no going back. The Earth changes, climate changes will accelerate until the program shuts down. They are a reflection of changing consciousness, and part of the cycles of time. Everything in the Ring of Fire will rock in the years ahead, not to mention other areas of the planet.

During times of major Earth changes, we look to prophecy for answers, or clues to what the events mean. Are these the final days many of us sense? Are we still playing in the metaphors of the game, trying to decode information and find out when the end will come?

That has always been part of the Earth program, which escalates at this time, based on ecological changes, natural disasters, bio-terrorism, nuclear weapons, other. Will we destroy ourselves before the program ends? Will the end of time play out as fear factor? Will consciousness create enough awareness about the nature of the illusion? And on and on we go, science and technology, religion, spirituality, healing issues, predictions, other factors that challenge us to remember.