Relaxing Cruise on the Neckar River

Tuesday 30 August 2005

Pat and I took a relaxing 3 hour cruise along the Neckar River.

We would visit Mannheim in the afternoon on our way to Frankfurt.

The ships in Heidelberg generally make 4 trips a day. On this day, we arrived for the 10:15 cruise at 9:25 am.

Just as Pat and I arrived, they announced that there was enough people to set sail at 9:30, an unscheduled voyage. Somewhere I sensed a synchronicity with this, but I may never know what it was. All I knew was ... I needed to be on the river at that moment. 9:30, interesting numbers I thought!

We met a woman from Ohio, at the ticket booth, who ran to get her family, waiting in a car nearby. I am not certain if they made the trip in time, but I doubt it. Parking is generally in parking garages below ground, marked with blue signs with a white letter 'P' on them and arrows giving directions. There were 13 parking garages in the city, at various locations, making it easy to park to sightsee, shop, eat or just hang out with friends.

Setting sail ...

The captain sits in the small room at the top.

We sat outside, just below the captain, in the front, the bow
on the journey upriver so we could take pictures and enjoy the countryside.
On the way back to Heidelberg we sat inside at a table,
where food or beverages were served, though we only drank bottled water.

On both sides of the river one can find, historic homes, Medieval Castles, tents and RV's and friendly people waving to us along the way. One could spend weeks exploring the beauty of this area. I guess that can be said for any place that speaks of ancient times and civilizations. Some people explore these areas as part of past / parallel connections in which they are experiencing simultaneously. A connection is felt at the soul level, which may of value to their spiritual awakening at this time. Being on water escalates that process.

Today, some of the castles in Germany, as in other parts of Europe, are hotels or spas, some are still occupied by descendents of the original families, while many are ruins. Castles often have a fairytale or romantic quality about them, that bring us to a place of higher consciousness and remembrance, perhaps of love and romance.

[Use scroll bar for full view as if sailing along]

To move into deeper water, you wait as they flood the levee and open the gates.

The levee will lower on one side, to your left

Then fill on the other side.

Synchronicity, this levee was filling at the same time several overflowed in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina.

Gates opening

Sailing out to sea

The Castles

This castle is still occupied by descendents of the original builders.

In all, it was a relaxing morning as we prepared for our next destinations ... Mannheim and Frankfurt.

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