Frankfurt Adventures

Tuesday 30 August 2005

On the drive to Frankfurt, we were guided to make a detour to Mannheim, which is on the way. Mannheim is an intregal part of the story of Sarah and Alexander, so we followed the signs.

At this point, poor Dora seemed lost and disoriented again, so again we replied on Z to show us what was significant.

The day was warm and sunny, tourists filling the parks and local recreational areas. But it was the planetarium that Z wanted us to see.

There were several featured programs, 'Einstein and the Universe', among others. But there was no time to stop and see them... So what was Z's point? I wondered as we walked inside the building.

As we stood there, I heard him say, "The answers are written in the stars, look around." There, before me, was the constellation Sagittarius and the Milky Way Galaxy. It made me laugh! He was back to the Mayan calendar and the date: 21 December 2012, 2012, reunion at zero point. [Use Crystalinks' search engine for addition links]

Next Z pointed out that the Mannheim planetarium has a new Zeiss projector. (laugh)

The other Germany city mentioned in Sarah and Alexander in Stuttgart, though there was not enough time for Pat and I to visit there on this trip. From the Planetarium website ... "The Mannheim Planetarium is akin to that of the Stuttgart planetarium, which is no wonder, as both were designed by the same architect." Tell me about it!

After we 'got the message' we got back in the car, headed off to Frankfurt on the Autobahn.

Frankfurt is a busy city like all others, filled with interesting buildings and people rushing about taking care of business.

Entering the City

It was afternoon and our goal was to find our hotel, check in, have lunch and do some sightseeing. With Dora having issues we had stopped at the airport Europcar to have her adjusted and reprogrammed for our hotel. It took 2 technicians to get Dora up and running before we were able to drive to the inn.

We had chosen a less expensive inn not far from the airport for our last night in Germany. Not sure why, but Dora seem to be taking us to the sleazy part of town, the energies were a far cry from what we had experienced along the way, but perhaps this was the comic relief of the trip.

Dora stopped in front of a seedy looking hotel as we compared the address given by my travel agent friend, Stewart, who had been great with all reservations up until this point.

As we sat there, we couldn't help but laugh as the streets were filled with X-rated shops and one-hour hotels, curious people acting a bit too friendly. We quickly drove away as men watched us as women, wearing little attire looked down from windows in the buildings above.

So what's a girl to do?

We remembered passing the Frankfurt Marriott on our way into Frankfurt. That would be our new destination ... forget about Dora.

We toured the city on our quest to find the Marriott, eventually reaching our destination. It was now late afternoon.

We approached the concierge in the Marriott and told him about our predicament. He and several other German employees also working behind the desk, had a good laugh, all speaking to each other in German.

Outside the hotel, I watched the luggage as Pat parked the car in the garage next door. They did not have valet parking, which surprised me.

While waiting, I chatted with 2 male reporters from BBC who were in town for some kind of convention and waiting for others from BBC to join them.

I loved the large revolving doors

with the flowers between.

View from my hotel room on the 32nd floor

This was the sunset of our journey on many levels

The flight home

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