The Flight Home from Germany

Wednesday, 31 August 2005

We arrived at Frankfurt Airport in the morning at 9:30 am ... there's that time again.

As we entered terminal 2, the energies felt 'off' to us. Something was wrong. Was there going to be another airport evacuation? No!

We walked over to the baggage check-in area, where an American woman with gray hair and wild eyes was creating a turmoil while she sat in her wheelchair. She was upset about the announced 3 hour delay of our flight due to its late arrival from Newark Airport. Weather conditions and high winds from the remnants of Hurricane Katrina had resulted in the delay.

Three extra hours to wait..... That made a total of FIVE hours till flight time!

So, we shopped at the duty free stores buying perfume and little gifts for friends and family back home.

Next, as first class passengers, we were invited to spend time in the executive lounge at the airport, where they served a buffet. Lo and behold, who should be there, but that same woman who complained about the delay, and WALKING freely without her wheelchair, stuffing her face with all the free food.

In the middle of the room, there was a TV tuned to CNN, showing updates about the Gulf Coast and Katrina's impact.

The broadcast switched to the "other" Gulf Coast --- Chaos in Iraq & Israel --- the Persian Gulf, the word 'Persian', reminding me of Z, the Persian Prophet, Zarathrustra.

We finally boarded at 2:30 PM. Pat and I getting comfortable for the journey home.

Taxiing down the runway, I took this photo from inside the plane as it passed a mirrored wall.
Mirror reflections from another plane

We had an enjoyable flight home including great food, good TV shows, movies or news programs to watch.

Generally, people look for cloud messages from below.
I thought you might enjoy the messages in these clouds from above.

We finally landed after circling Newark Airport almost an hour. Oy vey ! Waiting in long lines, we cleared customs and claimed our baggage.

As Pat and I drove back home to Brooklyn, the energies, feelings, and memories of Germany and France lingered with us.

The Verrazano Bridge greeted us with a warming embrace. We were home. [Pat also lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.]

This was a journey that we would never forget and that somewhere in our souls we knew changed destiny. We arrived at a time physical reality and consciousness had altered by Katrina.

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