Friday Afternoon, December 8th, Day 4

The Sphinx

The distance from the Pyramids to the Sphinx is not far.

We walked to the back of the Sphinx.

The Tail

Side View

Front Paws

Breast Plate, It is hard to see it!

Let's talk about the physical structure of the Sphinx. When I first looked closely it was just as I had seen it in my remote viewing, a large stone marker in the sand. They were doing construction on the sphinx so we couldn't get very close. If you know the history of the sphinx, you know it has been altered many times, especially the head/face!

I was drawn to the many layers of rock formations. You have to be an idiot not to realize that this stone figure has been here through many changes in Earth's geophysical history. There was no way to see the breastplate of the sphinx due to the construction. The front paws reminded me of two Twinkies! I felt no attraction nor connection to the Sphinx. The energies were dead! Lots of human signatures, but that's it!

"If only we could find John Anthony West to help us!"

Meeting John Anthony West

What a synchronicity ... John Anthony West was staying at the Mena House a few doors down from Irene's room. We ran into him in the lobby after returning to the hotel. John was in Egypt with a tour group. After some conversation, he invited us to his room to discuss the sphinx and related topics.

John was friendly and candid in his statements about his work. We appear to know many of the same researchers and shared experiences.

John is most knowledgeable on matters pertaining to the sacred geometry and its uses in setting up most of the ancient ruins in Egypt. He works with geologists and has a good understand on the scientific community.

Remember the alleged underwater pyramids off Japan? According to John, they are not real. They appear as pyramids due to the angles the images were taken, but they are not pyramids. He was hoping they were real, as they would verify some of the dates in his research, but they are not!

John said, "The ancients used certain mathematical and geometric harmonics to put them in touch with higher principals. Everyone has their own experiences with these harmonics and this design on their path to enlightenment and ancient wisdom."

On the matter of the Sphinx, he believes that there is a chamber and a tunnel that come to a dead end in the rear. Use of a seismograph over the left paw indicate a chamber about 36x45 feet, 15 feet down, in bedrock, and most likely at least partially submerged in water." He would like to investigate them, but the government won't allow it.

In reference to the pyramids he explained about the three main pyramids in the Giza Plateau are laid out with specific geometry. In the relief chambers, just above the kings chamber are 50-60 'legitimate inscriptions' that are authentic. He saw three cartouches with Khufušs name. Some of the inscriptions run don't end at the corner of the walls but go around the corner and continue on.

John believes the Great Pyramid was here 13,000 years ago, [13=4=4th dimension or time] its alignment facing Leo. It has survived two other precessions and is 26,000 years old than most people think.

We will never discover when the pyramids and sphinx were built as they, along with other Earth mysteries, are inserts in our consciousness hologram. It is the quest that is important and the souls of the questers who return at the end of a cycle, to finish something they started in the beginning ...