Black Helicopters

During my years as a UFO researcher, many people reported the clandestine behavior of black government helicopters, and men in black.

Black helicopters are part of a conspiracy theory, especially prevalent among the US militia movement, that claims that special unmarked black helicopters are used by secret agents of the New World Order, United Nations troops and/or the Men in Black preparing to take control of the United States, or for other nefarious purposes. In the UK a similar phenomenon known as "Phantom Helicopters" has been reported since the mid 1970s.

The theory was first popularized in the early 1990s by Mark Koernke (also known as Mark from Michigan) in appearances on Tom Valentine's radio show and in public speeches which were widely circulated on videocassette, and shortly thereafter by Linda Thompson in her film America Under Siege. In Alex Jones' film Police State 2000 unmarked black helicopters are shown flying low in surprise urban warfare training missions with delta force agents and foreign troops.

The greatest media attention to black helicopters was most probably paid in February 1995, when first-term Republican northern Idaho United States congresswoman Helen Chenoweth charged that armed federal agents were landing black helicopters on Idaho ranchers' property to enforce the Endangered Species Act. "I have never seen them," Chenoweth said in an interview in The New York Times. "But enough people in my district have become concerned that I can't just ignore it. We do have some proof." Chenoweth made the charges at a press conference without ever consulting with the Department of the Interior.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which enforces the act, says that they do not own any helicopters nor have ever used any in Idaho. The only green and black military helicopters known to be used in Idaho are used by the National Guard. Black helicopters without FAA-required running lights are regularly used by the drug interdiction office of the DEA. In addition, most US Army helicopters (such as the Black Hawk) are finished in a very dark chocolate or olive matte paint.

Parapsychologist John Keel has argued that mystery helicopters (not always black in color) have an origin similar to that of UFOs, ghosts and fairies: events staged by an intelligent non-human entity in order to propagate and reinforce certain erroneous belief systems and as a cover for real phenomena.

Black helicopters have also been reported in the areas where cattle mutilation has been reported. The black helicopters theory resonates well with the belief held by some in the militia movement that troops from the United Nations might invade the United States.

The John Birch Society published an article in The New American detailing how the existence of the covert aircraft was mostly the product of visual errors and fear mongering.

Black Helicopter Facts

The following are facts and explanations provided by various organizations and experts, including government agencies, regarding the alleged black helicopters:

Black Helicopters in Popular Culture