Baden Baden

Saturday 27 August

In the afternoon, Pat and I drove from Frieberg to Baden Baden, Germany about a one hour drive north on the Autobahn. When I read that they go 120, I thought that meant miles per hour. It is different. It is kilometers so it is equated differently, but you can go fast. [Don't tell anyone, but I was flying along at 180 ... I love to drive fast and the car was awesome!]

The Autobahn is like any other highway, complete with traffic in some areas, and the usual things one encounters. I want to note that large highways in the US always have places to pull over for gas / petrol, bathroom / food / etc. but this was not the case on the Autobahn. We drove on A4, A5, and A6 as we visited different cities. The highways we traveled on generally had 2 lanes on each side, not at all what I expected. The New Jersey Turnpike, up this way, has 6 lanes in each direction!

Castle ruins along the way

Baden is another charming city featuring many outdoor activities and a gambling casino. Nothing spiritual about this part of the trip, just some sightseeing.

Casino on the left

Not much else to share about Baden Baden as we only spent a few hours there. Baden Baden is famous for its 'baths' but we had no time and this did not appeal to me at all.

It was time to continue the path of the bloodline,
the spiraling journey along the Rhine River with
a visit to French ancestors and energies >>>

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