Ellie Crystal's San Francisco Workshop May 20, 2007

2012 Hidden Codes Revealed - The Path of the Bloodline

2007 Finding Yourself in the Hologram
The Multidimensional Journey of Your Soul Into Awareness

Class Description

Decoding the Ciphers and Symbols - The Messengers -- First there was The Da Vinci Code, secret messages and hidden codes created and later revealed by the bloodline. The film version of Dan Brown's book left off in Rosslyn Chapel. Dan Brown's next book The Solomon Key brings the Program to the US. Read Ellie's best selling action adventure epoch "Sarah and Alexander" about the movement of the Masonic Program across three continents to the U.S. The screenplay version is called "2012 The Alchemy of Time."

Reality is created by sound, light and color. Leonardo (Leo, Lion) Da Vinci references light, color and geometric codes.

We come to music and harmonics as codes. Featured in every major media service this month were Ellie's friend Stuart Mitchell and his father Thomas, who revealed another mystery secretly encoded for almost 600 years in the architecture at Rosslyn Chapel. Stuart and I share a synchronicity with the timing of our work.

Codes and consciousness synchronistically echo through the grids this week from the European continent to America where we find the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, Virginia, Stuart Mitchell's concert at Rosslyn Chapel and Ellie's Workshop. Tick Tock!

We live in very exciting and chaotic times. Prophets throughout history have labeled this as the movement to a Golden Age of Enlightenment, based on reality as a consciousness holographic experience we all share. It is a time to transmute lower base emotions into higher frequency consciousness. This is the age of awakening, self-awareness, healing, balancing, increasing psychic abilities to understand the nature of reality as a hologram, and your place in it. Time and frequency are accelerating. Now, with quantum physics, new frontier science and an understanding of reality as energy, our knowledge of time and space have been greatly altered as we breach the gap of consciousness. The years ahead are destined to be filled with amazing shifts and changes. Join Ellie for an entertaining workshop designed to educate, enlighten, and explore the true meaning of 'The End Times and Reality'. This provocative presentation promises to forever change the way you view yourself and where you came from.

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