You are entering the Zbox, a Virtual Reality Program.

Please adjust your equipment. Study the writing on the wall.

To activate a program push the green button.
To deactivate the program find the red button.

You have chosen the Robot Program, one of our more popular choices.
Please look straight ahead. Enjoy the game and play to win.

Welcome....... to the Land of the Robots.

Your name is Alpha.

Your body is going through a transformation.

Once this procedure is complete

you will be transformed into a robot
remembering nothing about your human past.

This is your mission..........

Planet Earth is under attack by aliens who want to rule humanity.
We have sent some of our robots out to destroy them
but they have failed! You must stop the alien invasion!

These robots are outdated.

Alien ships are closing in everywhere.

I must come up with a plan!

I will need help from someone with computer experience!
I need an IT man!

Come here you puny human male.

I'll create you bigger ~ stronger ~ faster!

Not bad. I shall call you Omega!

Follow me . . .

We must create a Robot Federation to save Earth.

I have cloned these robots in my image to help us.

Cloning is very popular these days.

Here's the plan....

We allow the alien forces to enter Earth's atmosphere, then we electrocute them
using towers of electromagnetic energy, strategically placed across the planet.

The battle rages as the alien enemy continues its attack

defeat of the inferior humans, seemingly at hand....

or so they think......

This is the Alien Leader, Marduke!

He's a real ugly Mother.....

The Aliens have landed!

There's that Raelian cloning guy, Rael, running to greet them.

Is he for real?

Here they come......

Don't just sit there at your computer staring at the screen....
Grab a weapon!

Fire at will!

Good shot! You are now an official member of the federation.

The main computer for the EM Towers has come online.

I'll turn on the power!

We've got'em!

They're going down everywhere!

Don't let any of them escape! Fire all EM weapons!

After a fierce battle planet Earth was saved, the aliens destroyed.

Balance was restored and the robots celebrated their victory.

Alpha and Omega wished to join in union.

Alpha found the red button and pushed it

ending the program.

Through the Alchemy of their DNA

their bodies returned

to their human forms.

Mission accomplished, until they enter another program.

This file links with Emerald Green,
Alchemy and transition of consciousness The Emerald Tablet

As Is Above, So Is Below

Thoth led me to this symbolic image,

Emerald, Gold, In the Box

Since I created the Zbox I have been drawn to bright green
and a need to link with Alchemy and The Emerald Tablet
which is a different file than the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Hermes Trismegistus,

Green Means 'Go' and 'Healing'

Humanity is leaving the Emerald City (EC= Ellie Crystal)
and going to the land of OZ (0=Completion by Z),
WiZard, Magician, Alchemy
Lion, Age of Leo - Sphinx, Crown, Wanted a Heart=Heart Chakra = Soul
Scarecrow, Fears, Emotional Body, Wanted a Brain to understand
Tin Man, Alchemy
Dorothy, Dot, Zero Point after you connect the Dots.
Black and White ---> Color, B & W=Dreamtime, Colors Create Reality
From Planet Earth, Over the Rainbow Bridge of Reality

Quote from Akhenaten, Egyptian Pharaoh

As a rock on the seashore he standeth firm,
the dashing of the waves disturbeth him not.
He raiseth his head like a tower on a hill,
and the arrows of fortune drop at his feet.
In the instant of danger, the courage of his
heart here, and scorn to fly.