Wednesday August 15, 2007 - A Wow Day!

Brooklyn NY ... just around the bend from Ground Zero

8:00 am :: the grids looked like 2 horizontal sine waves, above and below, that touched then moved apart then repeated this pattern. I felt the stirring you feel when you know the day ahead holds many surprises.

9:00 :: I finished my blogs and was heading out the door, on a pleasant summer day, to pick George up in the city and bring him back here, when the phone rang. It was my friend, Tom, who I had not spoken to in 4 years as life keeps us busy and time seems irrelevant when you are close to someone, and don't connect for a while. You just pick up where you left off and feel a sense of never ending connection. Sometimes months seem like minutes in the annals of time travel.

Ellie, Tom and Z (Note the feet)

This photo always reminds me of reunion of male and female

Tom was the producer of my TV talk shows "The Metaphysical Experience" and "Satellite Psychic." For 3 years we had nothing but laughs as we interviewed people and talked metaphysics, back in the early 1990's BC ... (before computers ... before Crystalinks). Tom wanted to catch up. Told him I was heading to the city and would catch up with him when I got there.

Tom witnessed the events of 9/11 from the roof of his 5-story apartment building. I still remember him calling me the next day recounting what he saw and how he stood on the roof and cried. That was almost 6 years ago - time is an illusion and state of mind.

Off I went to meet George. Along the way I drove past Ground Zero, and noted the work in progress. Here we find the financial district forever trying to rebuild itself as if sinks and swims in the flow of the unconsciousness.

    Ground Zero Cams

George and I drove joined Tom in Chinatown for some conversation at a local coffee shop.

The guys are very funny, educated and smart, keeping up with the changing global scene on all levels, as well as being 'conscious' ... my kind of friend. We talked about the current economy and where it is going. Since February 2007 much has shifted. The global economy is a scary place. Are we headed into a recession? depression? Where, oh where, will all that mortgage money come from? Are we reliving 1929 and the rise of Nazi Program insert? Is that the point ... to loop back there where the time travel experiments created a glitch in time that has yet to be repaired, thus allowing closure?

It was a trip down memory lane as we discussed old theories from the 1990's ad beyond, and how predictions in that timeline are manifesting. Tom believes in aliens, or humans working with aliens, who call the shots down here - secret government stuff. Could he be seeing the 36? Tom reads Sheldon Nidle's the monthly blogs. He references 'ascension', as most people do, meaning the move to higher consciousness while still in a physical body. You can't ascend and remain in your physical body.

Do you remember reading, or someone telling you that, we are spirits having a physical experience that is about to end, not the other way around? Remember who you are and where you came from. Remember the years you have spent healing and helping. Remember ...

When I told him the program is all going to bleep out of existence, he laughed and said my theory was over the top and he would think about it and talk to Z.

Fun with Tom was over ... our parking meter expired ... time does expire in the blink of an eye.

Back here in Brooklyn ... George and I had did some computer work and then felt a very strong surge of energy that sent us from my den to the living room where we experienced many things.

As George and I relaxed across from each other on opposite sides of the couch, we felt everything shift, more powerful than ever before. We both immediately remarked that in all the years we have been here, we had never experienced energies like it. We also commented that it was not by accident that Tom contacted me after several years, just as I was headed off to the city. Tom's energy was needed for what would follow, though George and I didn't know it at the time.

The 2 sine wave grids had now changed from the morning. The sine wave below was normal, but the sine wave above would rise in a Zigzag EEG measurement, then return normally to meet the bottom wave ... then repeat the pattern.

When I found the image above on Wiki, there was my collapsing (imploding) slinky effect, linked to the Twin Tower Monoliths in lower Manhattan at Ground Zero on 9/11/01.

Z guided me to ask George if he saw "2012 The Alchemy of Time" as a motion picture? For the first time ever, we did not see it ... but why? Quickly the answer came ... there is time left to option and sell the project, but not enough for production. An earthquake in Hollywood causing delays? Other delays?

My mind went to 2012.

I asked, "Do you see the grids for 2012?"

George paused ... focused and surprised himself as he saw nothing.

"How about 2011?" Not there.

With 2010 he saw a hazy grid and I saw nothing, stopping at 2009.

George looked over at me as I sat on the 4th Avenue side of the room, the glass terrace doors behind me, in the soon-to-be setting sun, and smiled knowingly.

"What?!" I asked, merging with his consciousness.

George described the sky behind me and off to my right side as redish-purple with hues of pink. The colors would not leave him.

Where had I heard this description before? I wondered ... quickly remembering ... the Mission Statement given by Z in 1994. I had recently made the connection with the Lion that roared and Nostradamus and now we were on to the next.

I printed the mission statement for George as he sat on the couch, the moment not be lost.

There was such a feeling of perfection at hand, remembrance, that we couldn't help but smile as one would when knowing they were doing a great job with a project that would soon culminate.

Nothing in the physical seemed important.

I saw an hourglass with 3 grains of sand.

I saw the alchemy symbol for Pi, followed by a metal pie plate placed on top of the hourglass, smashing it. I saw a golden alchemy wheel spinning that very much matches the animation on the Pi link.

A glass orb became a glass hexagon, 3X.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa (a bell tower) fell over.

George and I were aware that the energies were increasing and something major was going on.

Then came the punch line ... best of all... something I have been waiting for all of my life. The 360 black and white screens of our program turned to living color, a very momentous happening for the shutdown. This was a benchmark for me. Life is about an ongoing series of screened images that flow through your consciousness, experienced by the emotions you attach to them that create meaning for you. By now you know how the game is played. Your emotional body determines your reactions, yet your soul knows none of it is real.

George and I smiled in recognition remembering other loops and reaching this moment.

We paused, then agreed that everything is in place.

I still wrap my consciousness around the grids each day to be sure.

There is no way to describe what we felt as the energies in the room accelerated spiraling us upward, like a tornado, or a portal as George later described it. Actually it looked a lot like Z's energies in the photo of Tom and I above.

Our physical bodies were merging with who we are above and we knew it. We felt dizzy ... then simultaneously were gone.

There was no way our 3D consciousness could understand what unfolded for us as we met the 36 and remembered.

I am a female programming from above, seeing myself reflected in the face of a woman, the scene in black and red (physical plane). I saw a closed book. I was telepathically told that the story of 'Mary and Joseph' or 'Isis and Osiris', is over. "You will remember now." It was time to see how I program!

George later told me he merged with a male and saw many of the other 36. He and I participated in what was going on, and were not just spectators. I remembered. We clearly did not just go up there to observe.

This was not a remote view as in the past, nor a mutual meditation. This was a frequency and consciousness merge, above and below. What a trip! It was truly a first for us and attainable with the frequencies we carry.

Simultaneously we both returned to our 3D bodies, still dizzy, yet knowing something unlike anything else we remembered, had happened.

We are one step closer to shutting the program, this is certain.

George could not stop talking about the changes we made while gone and what we experienced.

Whatever your truth is, even if it's just about understanding who you are and why you are here, it is important to move forward. Planet Earth is going to become a far more difficult place to live in the years ahead and you may feel alone and frightened. Keep your balance and you will return. The best adventures are the ones that come out of the blue.

After George went home, I went to get the mail. On the way back home, I met my neighbor ... Tom, who lives just below me! His name rippled in my mind. Thomas Manning, a main character in my book who was part of the foundation of the Masonic Program in the US. He owned the pocket watch bringing it to this continent prior to the American revolution ... tick tock ... and is an important part of the story!

The Pocketwatch
The Swinging Pendulum of Time and Harmonics

Forever trying to keep balance ...

Out of the blue ...

Colossal tail trails dying star
BBC - August 15, 2007

(Find the Metaphors)
A distant star that hurtles through space at extraordinary speeds has a huge, comet-like tail trailing in its wake, astronomers say. The appendage, which measures a colossal 13 light years in length, was spotted by Nasa's Galaxy Evolution Explorer (Galex) space telescope. The researchers said that nothing like it had ever been spotted around a star. They believe the star, known as Mira, will help them to study what happens as stars meet their demise. Mira (pronounced my-rah) after the latin word for "wonderful," is shedding material that will be recycled into new stars, planets and possibly even life, as it hurls through our galaxy.

Today was a Wow Day for me!

August 15th quote from Ezine

Was the Wow Signal (1977) 30 years ago today, our first detection of extraterrestrials? It might have been, but no scientist would make such a claim. Scientific experiment is inherently, and rightly, skeptical. This isn't just a sour attitude; it's the only way to avoid routinely fooling yourself. So until and unless the cosmic beep measured in Ohio is found ape", the Wow Signal will remain a What Signal.

Seth Shostak (SETI)

The Wow Signal came from the direction of the constellation Sagittarius.

Sagittarius, Heart of the Milky Way Galaxy, Ouroborous

Screens of projected illusion through the eye (lens of time) ...

36 Around 1 Creational Forces and Watchers

To reflect the Circular Screens of Programmed Inserts I see.
The moving screen image comes from The Wow Signal.


Zero Point - The Wow Moment (WoW - MoM) (Pole Reversal Physical & Consciousness)

Ellie Crystal

8.0 Earthquake in Peru

Later that day ... There was an 8.0 earthquake today in Lima Peru, affecting nearby Ica which takes us to the enigmatic Ica Stones that I believe are real and are an insert that tells a story ... the story of humanity.

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