November 28th ...

November 28, 1757 - August 12, 1827

William Blake
English poet, painter and printmaker

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To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower ...

Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.

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2011 ... The 11th Hour

A lot is going to happen in 2011,
so sit back and watch it unfold.


The clock is ticking.

There is much to say about WikiLeaks ... some good ... some bad ... some straight forward ... some cryptic. But there is no escaping one fact ... the desire within us to find out the truth about the chaos caused by those in power and control - the Powers That Be - New World Order -- Illuminati ... whatever title they go by, has to come out. It's time to find out who's really running the show.

They say the release of the WikiLeaks documents endangers countless lives. So, you ask, how many lives will be lost by perpetuating the lies? The truth hangs in the 'balance' which is the goal of our reality program as it closes.

For better worse - and it looks like things are getting worse, it's time to hear the truth especially for those of us in the UFO community. It will be interesting to find out the truth about what has transpired over the past 70 years and how reverse engineering and biogenetic experiments have changed the face of a reality that advanced by light years in that time.

Wouldn't you also like to read the Vatican Files, kept in vaults beneath ground level? I know they prove that the religions - past and present - are all myths to control truth in the hologram we call our reality.


On November 28, 2010, Wikileaks announced it was undergoing a massive Distributed Denial-of-service attack,but vowed to still leak the cables and documents via prominent media outlets including El Pas, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, The Guardian, and The New York Times.

The announcement was shortly thereafter followed by the online publication, by The Guardian, of some of the purported diplomatic cables including one in which United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apparently orders diplomats to obtain credit card and frequent flier numbers of the French, British, Russian and Chinese delegations to the United Nations Security Council.

Other revelations reportedly include that several Arab nations urged the U.S. to launch a first strike on Iran, that the Chinese government was directly involved in computer hacking, and that the U.S. is pressuring Pakistan to turn over nuclear material to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

The cables also include unflattering appraisals of world leaders. US congressman Peter T. King called for WikiLeaks to be designated as a terrorist organization in response to the leak of the cables.

The 9 Most Shocking WikiLeaks Secrets   AP - November 28, 2010

WikiLeaks Secrets: Is Gossip Good?   Live Science - December 3, 2010
The latest WikiLeaks document dump made public thousands of U.S. embassy cables, revealing decades of behind-the-scenes diplomatic chatter. But it turns out diplomats aren't so diplomatic in their off-hours: Between references to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's flab and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's "wild parties," the cables described Kazakhstan's prime minister's animated disco-dancing and dished about the "voluptuous" Ukrainian nurse who apparently accompanies Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi everywhere.