Three White Buffaloes

Wednesday, August 23, 2006...

As I was opening Gene Essman's email, my client, Dee, arrived early, sitting on the couch next to me as we explored this wonderful image, 'three' white buffalo, none albino. This email was followed by another from a woman inquiring about my image of Buffalo Calf Woman, which is found in the files, Animal Prophecies and White Buffalo Calf Woman, (another feminine goddess archetype, all the same soul).

Dee has been connecting with White Buffalo Calf Woman and the energy of the buffalo for some time, in meditations and dreams. Synchronicities abound for her, including the events of the day. Of all the hundreds of emails I receive, I would be reading Gene's as Dee sat there, saying nothing, her expression conveying a connection to be discovered during her reading. Dee lives in Long Island, is 2 months older than me, has studied Reiki, works with a female shaman in Long Island, among other things we all study on the road to understanding the nature of reality as a illusion that is about to evolve. She's got it!

Every year, more and more people are waking up and figuring out the truth. If you still think we are moving to paradise or a reborn physical Earth, you are wrong and you're still stuck in old paradigms of thought.

The name Dee goes to alchemist John Dee which I quickly realized but said nothing about as our reading continued... I always know when a client is bringing an alchemical experience to the 'table'. The fun is watching it manifest. Here we go ...

My client, Dee, connects with Padre Pio (Stigmata), bringing this picture to see if I can understand what message he is trying to convey to her.

Each time I touched his photo, it created a major pain on the left side of my temple. I rarely have headaches and when I do, I always experience them on the right side. Once again I was becoming one with spirit and receiving messages with physical manifestation, or linked to stigmata.

Then Padre Pio told me ... blood means bloodlines ... bloodlines of creation and creators. Dee has spend years searching for her biological bloodline in this lifetime, the family who raised her refusing to admit she was adopted. DNA tests proved otherwise. I told her what I saw about her birth mother, now deceased. When Dee first sat down for her reading, I asked her who Donna was? She wasn't sure. At this point in the reading she told me that she is a clairvoyant dreamer and had received the name Donna as her biological mother's real name, in a dream.

Padre Pio turned to me as I felt a powerful presence. "Do you remember when you were contacted by a national radio station and talked about Stigmata after the film of the same name premiered?" I remembered. "You are connected," he said, knowing I got his message and agenda for me.

"What is this pressure in my left temple about?" I quickly asked.

His response reflected the flow of blood and bloodlines and creation of the original bloodline. The pain I experienced in my left temple links with something discovered in the 'temple', linked with the adventures of the Knights Templar the Priory of Zion and related ... and 'of course' consciousness in one final 'stroke'. I saw lightning, a stroke of lightning. I thought of Zeus, Z, creation by electromagnetic energies, midnight blue, stroke of midnight, and related. A thought came to me ... I will surely die one day of a sudden stroke, consciousness quickly lifted from my physical body.

Alchemy, John Dee and other Alchemists, goes to Ascension and Ascended Masters which mentions ...

The second I put the photo down, the pain in my head disappeared. What an experience. He could have just sent me an email (giggle).

The next day ...

I received this email from Ron, a close friend I write about from time to time on Ellie's World.