Extreme Weather Conditions on the Increase

Last Week of July 2009

Anomalous weather patterns and turbulent rain storms occurred in New York and New Jersey this week with 2 tornadoes reported in northern New Jersey that moved to upstate New York. Tornadoes are not common in these areas. Where there is severe weather ... trees fall. Could we think of this as the fall of the metaphoric Tree of Life as trees are crashing down and getting uprooted everywhere?

The Ring of Fire is living up to its name.... Clients and friends on the west coast again report excessive heat. Wait until Solar Max kicks in .... It totally affects the Ring of Fire and anything can, and will, happen. Think outside the box to see the emerging patterns which include increased earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and extreme weather conditions.

Here's the basic Solar Max Pattern: Ongoing coronal mass ejections reach Earth effecting planetary magnetics ----> shifting ocean and jet stream currents in the Ring of Fire ----> creating unusual and extreme weather patterns around the world ----> creating unstoppable Earth changes affecting the behavior patterns of all sentient life forms.

Email From Readers This Week

Email 1:

Thank you Ombrielle. Colony Collapse Disorder is a global problem that has come to light in recent years. No one seems to know what is causing the problem, but I would guess is all part of the climate changes in the world, though some speculate it is a result of cell phone radiation. Here in Brooklyn I remember more bees at the end of the summer than I see today. Each year their numbers are fewer. I know bees are important in nature's balance, but I for one don't miss them.

Bees face another killer: selenium Toxin could affect multibillion-dollar agricultural industry   MSNBC - July 29, 2009

Email 2:

Thanks for sharing, Pablo. Always go by your inner guidance for end-time updates, for we all have the answers as they are encoded in our DNA and will activate when frequency reaches a specific harmonic, not before. In the meantime ... the healers and helpers of the world are paving the way and feel an overwhelming need to do so as we come to the end. The exciting part about this is ... those answers are just a'head' (little consciousness joke).

The Trickster? "The Lost Book of Nostradamus"

The element of surprise takes us to the Trickster who rules emotions and in so doing creates havoc at every turn. He is featured in allegorical art among other alchemical representations. He controls the game, in a manner of speaking, therefore the element of surprise is how the program closes. I never try to second guess the ending or date in the grand illusion of it all, though I know the 2012 Mayan Long Calendar insert has been put in the grid for a reason, and appears to be in the right ballpark ... or Mayan Ball Court - the Stone Ring as a metaphor.

Z has always taught me that as reality is consciousness - at the end of time, each soul will project its own ending, thus feeling a comfort in detaching from the grid. Trust that. When it fades to black ... off you go in your own final illusion. In the meantime there will be other surprises, or inserts in the grid, that just pop in for the experience of it all, mostly to awaken souls on specific frequencies.

FYI: I assume you've figured out that one soul has played all the key roles in this experiment in time and emotions .... so it would appear the Trickster is trying to outsmart himself over and over again.

Later in the day Pablo wrote: