Ellie's Vision of Closure

If you follow the Earth changes, global meltdown, rapidly changing weather patterns, solar cycle 24, and the movement of the tectonic plates, you know that everything is accelerating exponentially to Zero Point.

May 1, 2008

I had an interesting vision the other day as I looked out over the Verrazano Bridge, just outside my home.

I saw myself from behind, strolling off alone, then disappearing from view, a portal closing behind me, happy knowing I had completed what I came here to do, the program had ended and nothing remained. It was like leaving the theater after seeing a movie and taking with you memories, but knowing they were all scripted, none of it real, there for the vicarious experience. The vision was in full color, more vivid than most, and just in front of me, which means it will happen soon.

For those who asked if I might be sick, I don't know much about illness and healing as I have not had much experience with it. I am totally fine. My DNA and ability to alter and manipulate time, allow me to move through the program without concern. I never envision myself as dying ... always see myself bleeping out of reality at the end of time much like my vision.

The image of me leaving, kept trying to trigger something in my consciousness ... but what?

While relaying the vision to my friend Ron, who is a catalyst for me when accessing information, I made the connection ... the Fool in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. The Fool is one of the 22 Trump cards that make up the Major Arcana. He is the Jester which takes us to the Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis. He is number zero which goes to Zero Point - merging of above and below - computer end program. It all made sense at last.

Ron, and others I know, have been feeling a growing sense of disconnectedness and contentment. The dramas of the day seem to mean less and less, especially as time seems to accelerate. Ron describes it as a calm that comes over you when your soul recognizes that the closing of the program is at hand - a knowing of the end. When he described it that way, it reminded me of the time before a person dies, when he returns to consciousness to say good-bye.

Whoever, or whatever you are waiting for, should be signaling to you that they are returning soon. You can't force that feeling. It has to trigger within you when your DNA activates. No one has to speak of end times - you just know. Acceleration and manifestation of what you need in end times comes quickly - the rest not working. It all goes to emotional release - frequency increase - magnetic decrease - and connection to the electromagnetic energy pull of the bloodline.