Violet Flame Meditation


Prepare as you would for meditation

Relax ... Your mind .... Your body

Envision a flame.

As you watch it, it turns from bright yellow to violet.

Slowly move closer to it watching its radiance,

noting that it has no heat.

Enter the violet flame,

embracing its energies,

becoming one it.

Look through the light spectrum.

What do you see?

How can you channel, or use this energy to heal your issues?

You have entered the violet flame to release lifetimes of karma that have

kept you from the sacred knowledge that will free your soul for its next journey.

You see the grids that create our reality, as karmic ribbons

that have kept you tied and bound in time.

You see the multidimensional aspects of your soul

each connected to the karmic ties that bind you.

Use the violet fame to burn away those ribbons that will free you.

Can you let go of them all?

Do you still identify and find strength in your issues?

You can always return at another time

to release and free your soul.

In letting go, you will feel your heart chakra ignite

with each disconnection.

Continue on your journey to release all that binds you

until you become all that you truly are.

Allow for your heart chakra to open to unconditional love.