Lenticular Cloud and Orb

Thursday, June 9, 2005

My friend, Pat and I, sat in my living room, talking about our upcoming trip to Germany, prophecy, and the Native American theme that runs through Ellie's World this week.

I was recounting a story about an experience I had earlier in the day, while reading a female client, who asked me about Sarah and Alexander. The image of an elephant appeared before me which I often associate with myself, Ellie. Suddenly the room began to shake. Feeling the tremors, my client asked if we were having an earthquake. I was not alarmed, understanding that on some level a message about my work were being acknowledged .... by Zeus, perhaps? Five minutes later all became calm. No one in my building reported anything unusual during the rest of the day, so as with all of the anomalies in my apartment, I chalked it up to experience.

As Pat and I sat and talked, my attention was suddenly riveted to the bridge just outside. There before us was a strange cloud formation over the Verrazano Bridge. I am certain there is a scientific explanation for the formation - but in this case - I was looking for the metephors. In the 13 years I have lived here, I have never seen anything like this. Unlike the other clouds that moved above us at this time, this formation remained from 8:00-8:45 pm with slight variations, almost like a Lenticular Cloud. I grabbed my digital camera, walked out on the terrace with Pat, and took several pictures.

Clouds have always spoken to me.

The cloud rose slowly until it

blocked the opening of the Arch.

A short time later, it drifted slowly to the right then

returned to the center and hovered there for a while.

The cloud dissipated, moving east. Note the position of the orb between the arches.

... Metaphors ...

As the darkness crept in the veils lifted freeing the souls to rise from the water of the collective unconscious and move through the arch sacred geometry - alchemy wheel, returning to the void to be created anew.

At this moment, a strong scent of wild flowers wafted through the room.

Pat and I discussed the time loop through which we spiral endlessly, sometimes hopelessly, soon to arrive at zero point. Pat mentioned that as we get closer to the end of the program, her deja vu experiences have escalated. This would also apply to synchronicities as the veils between realities thin and the illusion dissipates.

Two other cloud formations Pat and I connected with.

This one reminded me of the Ouroboros... alchemical archetype of creation.
Rebirth, Feminine Energies in the Flame, Phoenix Egypt

Pat liked this layered formation.

Great Pyramid Design Masonic [female, sound] Programming
Passage through the Spinal Column - Acension

As the cloud formation was elliptical - Pat said it reminded her of a UFO - so we jokingly called to the aliens to takes us for a ride. There are occasional reports of UFO sightings over the bridge - but once again we are stranded on the plateau!

The clouds reminded us of veils lifting so souls could see clearly. As the cloud moved upward - I 'saw' souls rising - crossing over the bridge. Pat physically saw a golden light within the cloud - which may have been the sun's reflection - but has great symbology.

This week has presented Native Americans themes. In that energy, Pat and I connected with White Bear Medicine Woman. We closed our eyes and each received a message. Pat's message was a pyramid with spirals of energy moving up.

I was given this image of a balanced feather, circle, 4 quarters, and a cross.

It took me to the Egyptian funerary scene weighing the feather.


Thoth Thought - Consciousness


Z - Zoroaster.
Zoro-aster - Zero Point Aster (star - soul sparks)