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Wednesday 9/11

I woke up during the night pausing my dreams, as the image above popped in like a message on a website. It was as if I had been viewing an endless stream of dream activity that seemed redundant when suddenly up popped the image in the colors you see but the green background was shiny. I woke up laughing, made a quick memo on my notepad, then closed my eyes, clicked on the button, saw a vertical row of symbols like this    ^    one above the other .... then fell back to sleep. I don't remember anything after that.

Remembering 9/11, Obama on Syria, Hidden Agendas

Wednesday 9/11/13

My name is Ellie Crystal. I've spent all of my life in New York City, a place with a million mysteries, and the focal point of global economics and diplomatic policy. From Wall Street to the U.N. - nothing competes with the energies of the city - both positive and negative.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Pat in lower Manhattan where security was in place for 9/11 services as New York City remains an enduring target for terrorism. You can watch the events online or on TV. You can also "tune in" to the energies of those who died 12 years ago by "looking up" and making a connection. Take a moment to reflect on your life over that past 12 years ... noting how much has changed. Today, as the nation honors those who were lost, the weather in the city is hazy, hot, and humid with temps in the 90's. That always speaks to me of spirits.

We live in a reality of hidden agendas.

Returning home last night, I watched a critical moment in Obama's presidency as he made his case to the nation with a sharp turn toward diplomacy in the Syria Crisis. What I got was there is much he wished he could tell the people and frustrated that he couldn't. Something made him want to attack Syria, besides the obvious. It is that same something I sensed and reacted to as I have never been in favor of wars that do not involve us directly.

I think Obama has finally learned that the President of the US does not run the country and that powers beyond what we know, yet suspect, call the shots. Like all Americans he knows we can't afford another war, nor does he want us to intervene in other countries, but so much is happening that we know nothing about. Though he hit the "Pause Button" for now on his hard sell for a military strike, this is not resolved yet, just on a "wait and see" basis. Did Kerry accidentally say the wrong thing? You know that everything is by design, so the answers is no. Again ... "look up" and watch the grids.

Joanne on 9/11

Watch Joanne's Amazing Story
April 23, 2002

This year on 9/11, I spent time with my neighbor Joanne Capestro who almost died on 9/11. At the time was an executive assistant for Euro Brokers. She described her experiences in the North Tower as she ran down 84 floors to safety. Along the way she fainted and was saved by a firefighter, then later a police officer who guided her to safety. Once outside Joanne ran and ran and ran then hid under a car as things collapsed around her, the wounded and dead all around, some co-workers There were many who gave her comfort along the way including a priest from the local church.

I took of picture of Joanne from the video she lent me today. The video consists of interviews by people in her company about their 9/11 experiences. The flash from my camera on the TV screen looks as if she was protected. Joanne watched people she knew die. She suffered from survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder for 16 months. She has always been active in the 9/11 memorial dedications at Ground Zero. She received many calls in the past few days, but this year she decided she couldn't be around those energies anymore. She may never fully recovery from the events that day, but she has come a long way, and most of all takes care of herself. She is a beautiful soul who loves to help people.

Today marks the 12th anniversary of 9/11.

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