UFO's and Other Primitive Vehicles

Z calls our cars and modes of transportation - primitive vehicles. I'm not sure if that includes UFO's, as Z travels by light, through time and space, and can be all places simultaneously. Now that stretches the imagination and consciousness.

June 1, 2008 -- The most viewed file on Crystalinks was UFO's In Earth's History. This tells us that consciousness is being directed to our origins. This goes to the mythological Sumerian Gods who created our biogenetic experiment, the original insert from which all else was derived, as well as alleged UFO sightings going back to the beginning of recorded history.

Bear in mind that some of the spaceships depicted in ancient art are clouds, or more specifically lenticular clouds, but allow that UFO's could be what the artist saw as he created.

Also know that our reality experiment has been monitored from the beginning by ships that have always been in higher frequency, now coming into view as the frequency of human consciousness accelerates.

There exists a thread that connects all ancient civilizations with gods who came here from above and created the human race, perhaps in their own image/imagination. It has long been thought that at the end of 'time', these gods, in various guises, would return and bring the souls to a golden age of en'lighten'ment and understanding.

A feeling of connection with god and human exists within each of us, as we are taught to worship within and without, above and below, more currently seeking the god within, that has the answers and brings us home.

Thanks to Adobe Photoshop and similar programs, not to mention other creative endeavors by those in film, people are able to create all sorts of 'alien' effects that appear real, but are hoaxed. In truth, all of our reality is hoaxed. Until we are out of here, be careful what you believe about UFO's. Wait until evidence is irrefutable. It is not time for ET revelations - too soon, but not far away.

We get excited about lights in the sky and check out conspiracy theories and hoaxed information because on some level, souls recognize that these are precursors to closure and hope aliens can supply answers to many things that can advance the human condition.

Are aliens bio-genetically linked to us? Do they come from other dimensions and star systems? Do they travel in ships or through stargates, wormholes, or portals? Who are they and what are their agendas? Why haven't they made themselves known to everyone? Is this all tied to the fact that our reality is laced with conspiracies - part of the game to figure out and decipher the truth? The questions are endless and probably cover the full gamut of visitors to the planet through time.

Be patient.

The answers are close at hand.

Other Primitive Vehicles

Due to the accelerating price of gas, now at almost $5.00 a gallon in many places, not to mention ecological awareness, we think long and hard about the cars we purchase. Some people chose hybrid vehicles and cars because they get good mileage. Where I live in Brooklyn, people still drive their SUV's because of the extras they offer.

My family and I are totally into cars. My son-in-law, Ryan, owns the Land Rover dealership in Milford, Connecticut and asked my advice on selling the Mini Cooper as well. Ryan drove one home the other day and took my grandsons, Matthew and Noah for a ride. Both boys thought the Mini Cooper was an oversized toy car and wanted to drive it. It's all perspective.

My neighborhood sees more and more Mini Coopers, as the price of gas increases. I am told they are roomier than they appear from the outside.

I love the Mini Cooper, but feel safer in a larger car. I have been driving since I was 18, the legal age in NYC, just about everything out there including a motorcycle. This year I bought a 2008 Crystal White Lexus RX 350 SUV - it's a sweet ride. I'm a Lexus girl, love the suspension system among dozens of other cool features. Everyone tells me this Lexus should be my last vehicle - meaning it should take me to my 'destination' - 2012. I wouldn't mind trading it in for a UFO next time around, used model or new, or better yet, the means of travel I always envision for myself ... a teleportation device.