Alien Underground Bases

March 12, 2010

Something was/is going on beneath the surface of the planet beside the movement of the tectonic plates. People who seem to know about these things refer to them as underground government bases occupied by humans and aliens for experimental purposes ranging from the rapid development of technology to alien/human hybridization experiments.

Underground Bases, Mount Weather, NORAD, Conspiracies

A friend sent a link to this YouTube video Mary Joyce on the Base at Pisgah 2010 about UFO's and underground bases in North Carolina. People who talk about this topic can't all be lying or crazy.

Over the past two decades of UFO research, I've heard first-hand accounts from ... Native Americans, UFO researchers, media researchers, authors, those in the private sector with contracts linked to these projects, government informants, and conspiracy theorist in various states including California, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, among others.

Presently, it makes me stop and think ... if there are indeed alien underground bases in the US and around the world ... a network of them connected by tunnels which is the consensus ... are they in any way having an effect on accelerating earthquake activity and related changes .... unintentional or dictated by a Master Plan?

This has nothing to do with the mythical Hollow Earth Hypothesis.

It will be interesting to see what is disclosed as the program comes tumbling down. What do you suppose will happen when the truth about God and religion is revealed? Do you understand why these truths have to be saved for the end?

The clock is ticking ...

Phoenix Lights March 13, 1997 Wikipedia

The Phoenix Lights refers to a series of sightings over Arizona and Nevada, and the Mexican state of Sonora.

'Phoenix lights' UFO case 13th anniversary is March 13   American Chronicle - March 10, 2010

Phoenix lights UFO: Experiment, acclimation?   UFO Digest - March 10, 2010

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Phoenix Lights Google Images

Dream of UFOs

March 10, 2010

In my wake-up dream I saw a UFO, a Mother Ship if you will, with outstretched wings that bend downward at the ends/tips. It moved silently above the Verrazano Bridge just outside, then headed very slowly towards Manhattan passing Ground Zero as I woke up.

Later in the day, I set out to find the ship if possible. Memory told me it resembled a Star Trek ship, but which one?

As I began my google image search, the term 'bird of prey' echoed in my mind. On the first page, I was shocked to find the image above - a ship and a bridge looking much like the Verrazano.

The ship I saw, in some ways resembles the Klingon Starship image above but my ship was huge and had a somewhat flat top and bottom. For some reason I know the ship I saw can cloak, is real, and is out there among many that monitor the planet, to one day manifest into physical reality ... or not.

If you are wanting to be taken on a UFO for the experience of it all ... Any spaceships of an extraterrestrial nature, visible or cloaked, are here to monitor and observe the planet, having no occupants. You can send telepathically messages, pray, do rituals, whatever, but a ride around the universe won't happen now even if you are waiting for someone from what you see as your home planet to pick you up.

Do I believe aliens walk among us? Anything is possible. I've watched enough sci-fi in my day to know alien scenarios are endless, as is time travel. Science and science fiction are merging and with that life will get very interesting.

It's all water under the bridge ... of time and space.