Timelines, Friends and Grids, Ralph, UFO's and Dolphins in New Jersey


The timelines are in such flux, many-a-good psychic is astounded by the chaotic new branches that emerge each day creating all sorts of options and challenges to quickly help you get past what you are programmed to experience here. Within the higher frequency timelines come experiences, perhaps confusing or anxiety provoking at first, to be evaluated later in retrospect.


Our reality always comes down to our experiences within them. There are electromagnetic grids that affect local power in an area - planetary grids affected by things on and off planet Earth - and the grid matrixes through which we virtually experience in the hologram of our reality. Generally grids follow their charted course as we move through time. But things are changing, as you know.

Tuesday night, January 6 - I was at home with friends, Pat and George, having dinner, talking about Pat's journey to France over Christmas and New Year, laughing and psyching on everything in this reality - when suddenly there was a spike in the local power grid causing a momentary loss of power in the area. It's timely intrusion, made us laugh, as if to make a point about closure.

Two miles from here, Mike was home when the power grid spiked. He immediately called to see if I had experienced anything. He believes there was more to this than meets the eye. As you may recall, Mike has had experiences with aliens since childhood, which have only recently stopped.

Dolphins in New Jersey

Actually, at the time of the spike, I was connecting with the pod of bottlenose dolphins I blogged about on Christmas. They remain in the water off southern New Jersey and connected with me just before the electromagnetic grid fluctuated last night. They have been living in the Navesink River, for months defying all efforts to encourage them back to sea, for reasons unknown. These dolphins are there for a reason that goes beyond the physical.

Boaters look on as dolphins swim in Sea Bright, N.J.

Ralph's Back on his Birthday

Let's travel north to Somerset Country, New Jersey where my daughter Zsia and her family live in the Hills of Basking Ridge. On Monday night - January 5 - she felt a very strong presence of her deceased father, Ralph, on the anniversary of his birthday. He would have been 70. Zsia is the most psychic of my 3 daughters and shares simultaneous experiences with me when Ralph comes to visit. Ralph no longer uses his former signature cigarette smell. You just know he is there. Zsia said Ralph's energies were so strong, they made her cry. It's not that her dad had a special message, it's just about the connection as if he were in the room with her and the family. FYI - No one in my family mediates, does conscious energy work, or is involved in metaphysics per se. No need to do that - the messages are clear when you are.

UFO Sighting over New Jersey

Our next stop takes us to Morris County, New Jersey for another incident on Ralph's birthday. You don't suppose he flies a UFO, do you? New Jersey UFO Likely a Hoax   Live Science - January 6, 2009

  Close Encounters Of The Jersey Kind?   CBS - January 6, 2009

So what's a mother to think ? First the triangular ships visit Phoenix and local areas where my oldest daughter Tracy lives - and now they come to New Jersey where my middle daughter lives. Is their next stop ... Westport, Connecticut where Nikki lives? "What about a stop over for mom in Brooklyn?" Although .... you may recall that I witnessed a triangular ship fly right past my window November 20, 2003. It's fun to watch and speculate, as the truth comes clearly into view.

Sooner or later - hopefully sooner rather than later - and definitely before the program closes - conclusive, indisputable evidence will surface. UFO's are everywhere, in plain sight, what we see now are just the preludes to the truth - information disseminated in preparation for disclosure.

Over in the UK, another haven for UFO sightings and cover-ups, we find this story:
  UK: UFO claim over wind farm damage BBC - January 8, 2009