Troubled Teenagers, Healing the Soul

Article from April 22, article about a 15 year old girl who is the author of a best selling book The Prophecy of the Stones.

As a former high school Special Ed Teacher, I was a substitute teacher at that point in my teaching experience, 1986-1991, I am often drawn to articles about teenagers in many realms of experience, from the gifted and talented who display great genius in math and science, the creative arts, dancers, performers and authors, to the flip side, the troubled teens usually with emotional problems and chemical imbalances.

The latter group usually come from dysfunctional backgrounds and carry genetics that would create the challenges they would face as they grew up, the obstacles they would have to overcome, as we all have our 'game plan', the akashic record of why we came into the physical and how we attempt overcome them by healing.

As a species, humanity is becoming enlightened, figuring out our challenges and trying to get past them. It is not easy... especially if you are a troubled teenagers who feels unloved and misunderstood by the adults in your life, or if you are an adult living with a young teenager.

Today I found this article, Violence Among Girls Increasing in U.S. AP, April 27, 2004

This article took me back to my teaching days...

Puberty will bring out the worst in troubled teens in that age group. The girls can be far more vicious than the boys. When they fight, they bit, kick, scratch with those long nails and are not afraid to use weapons.

One of my former students, a 15 year old black girl from a Brooklyn Ghetto, killed another girl over a boy who had dumped her for the second girl, all 15 year olds. My client is serving a 15 year-sentence in upstate NY and should soon be released. The case made the headlines back in the late 1980's.

A teenager who acts out like this, has a soul that is crying out in pain, "Help me!" These anger issues are often suppressed and carry into adulthood, where they will one day manifest as rage unless addressed.

It's about acquired patterning, Attitude, bad attitude, - lower frequency attitude that comes at you in waves, 'street attitude', that shouts, "Don't hurt me! Don't f, - k with me. I have had enough pain!"

My friends who remained in the school system after I retired, reported weapons brought to school by teens, more fighting and truancy, especially at this time of the school year, and more chaos than ever before. It seems to get worse each year. It is all wanting to have personal power and control over one's life. For many young teenage girls its about having a baby as a means of feeling unconditional love with someone.

None of this makes sense to you? I view it as a group of souls having an experience of lower frequency emotions. As a teacher, if there was physical violence in my classroom, I used the phone in the classroom to summon security. Women teacher should never intervene with teenage violence. You can only get hurt. Think about the impact this much violence has on the soul, and how long it will take to heal the emotional wound.

What it all comes down to, is going back to the beginning and trying to figure out issues and what went wrong from the beginning.

I worked with a healer from India recently, Gulrukh, who told me that her healing sessions always start from the moment of birth. One must go back to the beginning, for some people it means 'in the womb', and moving forward through ones life. This brings greater understanding and a release of issues you may never have known you had locked up inside you that need to be cleared.

This should be done with body work that releases blockages and creates balance. Deep meditation & relaxation and hypnotherapy are part of this work, you step out and become the observer, which is what you are meant to do to find the truth.

I have thought about working with clients in a series of one-hour sessions from your childhood on, to achieve this goal. If you are interested please click on my file Psychic Readings

The human soul creates lessons, it becomes fractured, the instant it enters the physical body, when the soul takes its first breath. From there it is all about experience, healing, and remembrance. Some of us have any easy journey, but most of us do not.

The teen years are just another time of challenge, the bridge between childhood innocence and adulthood, ending with crossing over and becoming enlightened once again.