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Astronomy Picture of the Day 10/11/12

Dysfunctionality ...Wherever I go, there is a knowing with those I meet along the way that people are getting more frustrated and angry, as if a "time" bomb ready to explode. I have heard this mentioned by clients, family, friends, and just about anyone I talk to. Are you having the same experience? No matter how the presidential election turns out in November, this state of unrest will continue - perhaps accelerate - its causes endless. People today are taught to be aware of issues and get help, but there is simply too much chaos out there - and people with emotional problems thrive off of this energy. It's all at a tipping point.

The Concept of Time - Time is actually appearing different to many people because we are not all experiencing in the same grid anymore even if it seems that way. The consciousness grids are separating.

The Wow Moment - This changes the game and triggers souls (human DNA) at the end. You may already sense it coming. It will happen on one or more fronts and collectively within hours if not minutes, just before it all fades to black. Its precursors are ever-present - with no one to blame just the program itself playing out its final moments and you understanding the illusion of it all. Once it hits, brace for impact and see yourself as the true essence of who you are - a soul spark of light who came in here with a "big bang" at the moment of "your birth" and will leave much the same way. Hold that thought.

Embracing Nature - This is the time to embrace the positive energies of the program with something as simple as a walk in nature, especially here in the the northern hemisphere where autumn has taken hold. It could lift your spirits as they say. If you can't get outdoors, find an image of nature that calls to you, then return to it from time to time during the day. It could help you reconnect with your soul essence and journey here.

A picture is worth a thousand words

It's funny about the images I post on a blog each day. After 17 years, I have thousands of images in cross-referenced folders, and remember them all. I sometimes tell myself that the day I can't remember them, I'll know I'm getting old and my memory is going. Most images speak to me. On a given day, if none of them come to mind for a blog, I go to google images and the right one pops up on the first page. It's a knowing of what connects in the grids for readers on a given day. Here is an example, I posted the blog above without an image knowing the right one would be shown without searching for it ... and there is was on NASA's website.

I also see this set of images ... What would you name them? How about "The Arrival"?