Saturday April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer last night brought insight to living your life in the wrong gender. Bruce has gone from the wold's greatest athlete to the poster child for Transgender. It came as no surprise that Bruce is transitioning, discussing his journey, while having the support and love of his family who are most important to him. For those who are gay or have gender issues, it's the fear of losing family that is most important, for they are essentially your soul group. For the audience the interview brought greater understanding of transgender - which is a long emotional and physical process for the person and their family. He has still not decided on sex reassignment surgery as he is still attracted to women. It appears that sexual attraction and sexual orientation are two different components in the human experience. To look at Bruce during the interview - his body language and energies - is to understand the pain and suffering he's gone through most of his life. I believe he chose this time because he was waiting for 2 things - his children to be older and mature enough to understand his transition and to have enough money to do it and live well if he never works again. Good luck Bruce.


We know what transgendered means but how many of you have actually talked to someone who has gone through this process? My first experience with a transgendered person was at age 20, in 1963. I had just gotten married, was working as attacher while getting my master, and my husband, Ralph, was working as a hairdresser meeting celebrities and colorful people from all walks of life.

One day Ralph introduced me to a new transgendered coworker named Abby who Ralph said was originally named Alan. To me Abby looked like a guy in drag as he was tall and slim - his nasal voice a give-away. Abby had recently had sex reassignment surgery and was open about sharing her personal experiences. I remember worrying that she might want to show me her surgery but that never happened. Like many transgendered adults Abby had gone through great emotional turmoil making the decision to become a woman in an age with a few people came out. She had been a gay man who still preferred sex with men. I remember the feelings that swept over me that day - curiosity, sympathy, and the hope for Abby to one day find happiness. Soon after that Ralph left the hairdressing business and I never saw Abby again.


As a psychic who has read transgendered people I realize that not every man who transitions is going to be an attractive woman. Many of the men were not attractive males and certainly not beautiful women. Some men will look natural adwomen and others won't. The same is true for women who become men. It's not about the way they look - but the way they feel that's important.


I have also read the parents of men who have become women after years of pain and suffering. Maybe it's because the clients who find me are more open and spiritual, but they have excepted the changes in their children. With the exception of Abby, none of these transgendered souls have had their genitalia removed, some saying that they prefer sex with women much like Bruce Jenner does. The men who originally liked sex with men - making them gay - still seem to prefer men after the transition. This is just another aspect of the human equation, along with the countless others, that present challenges to the souls involved.


In recent days NBC evening news aired a series of specials about children who realize they're in the wrong body and talk about it openly with their parents. The parents on the show were open to the children's needs and allow them to look like the gender they feel most comfortable with. I would imagine this is not the norm. I wasn't aware that young children feel they're in the wrong body until I followed the life of Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh. I remember reading about Shiloh when she was about three years old saying, "My name is Jon and I'm a boy." It is something Angie and Brad honor and respect. From the Jenners to the Jolie-Pitts ... it's always about the children and their parents.

A friend whose son is a high school senior told me that last fall when the students returned to school - one of the male students had decided to transition to female. It involved guidance counselor's talking to the students, the use of the bathrooms, bullying, and many other issues.

Male soul in a female body

In this part of the hologram, caucasian males are generally the people with the power, but as you know there are endless physical forms souls take accompanied by issues. If I was reading Angelina Jolie I would tell her she is a male soul in a female body and she would most likely agree. The journey of the male soul in the female body is interesting. It does not necessarily mean they want to transition to a male. Most female clients already know they are male souls in female bodies this time around and embrace the experience. They are strong, independent and know how to get a job done. Most are quite beautiful, feminine and command attention because of their energies. Sexually the woman could be gay but on the other hand a woman with a male soul most often likes a very strong lover - one who is great in bed. Sometimes the woman chooses not to have children and often has problems with her reproductive organs until eventually they are removed. But this is not true for everyone.

How To Support A Transitioning Loved One   Huffington Post - April 25, 2015
ruce Jenner, the former Olympian who has become a reality TV star, revealed he is transgender Friday in a highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer. "Yes, for all intents and purposes I am a woman," Jenner said on ABC's "20/20." "People look at me differently.

They see you as this 'macho male,' but my heart and soul and everything I do in life, it's part of me. That female side is part of me. It's part of who I am." Social support, particularly from loved ones, is a crucial aspect of a healthy and happy transition for many transgender people. And, simply by proudly identifying as transgender, Jenner has paved the way for a national dialogue that is more open and accepting of the transgender community. For example, a discussion of proper pronoun use was a central part of the broadcast. (For the record, Jenner said he would like to be referred to with male pronouns for now.)

Kardashian family members showed their support for Jenner. At an event in New York City Friday, Kim Kardashian explained: 'We always support each other. Our family is super-supportive of everything that we do and you know we're gonna watch the special tonight and support Bruce and watch it with him tonight." Much of Sawyer's interview focused on family and tolerance. "This is a family love story," she told colleague George Stephanopoulos before the interview was shown.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you offer your support to a loved one who may be transitioning.
Be encouraging.
Realize that this isn't a choice.
Educate yourself on transgender issues.
Address your loved one based on their identity.
Remember that each person's experience is different.
Tell them you love them.

Bruce Jenner's Transition: How Many Americans Are Transgender?   Live Science - April 28, 2015
By opening up on national television about identifying as transgender, Bruce Jenner has become one of a small percentage of people who identify with a gender that conflicts with the one they were assigned at birth. The most frequently cited estimate is that 700,000 people in the United States, or about 0.2 to 0.3 percent of the population, are transgender, though some experts say the true number is probably greater than that. However, there aren't reliable statistics on this, because neither the U.S. Census Bureau nor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ask people in national surveys whether they identify themselves as being a gender different from the one indicated by their physical features at birth.