To See The World in a Grain of Sand

Scientists See Early Universe in Grains of Sand
Live Science - November 13, 2007

British poet William Blake once wrote that a world was contained in a grain of sand. Physicists have done one better, finding a surprising link between streams of flowing sand grains and the birth of the universe.

Time Trax

Hourglass Effect

Zero Point

There are several close friends, and other acquaintances, I have meet along the line who recognize a connected destiny now coming to fruition.

Ellie and Ron Friday Evening 11/9/07

Traveling along a rain slicked road in northern NJ, on his way to meet a friend for dinner, Ron thought to call me and catch up on the adventures in our lives. After a few laughs, and some discussion about the world, we decided to time travel. ... Into the grids we went. (Ron can multitask here and above.)

I saw train tracks that went off to a horizon point, one of my time travel symbols, representing above and below meeting at zero point.

After a few minutes I found myself going nowhere, (strange) so I decided to follow Ron.

The grids warped, much like a sci fi movie. Ron also saw train tracks but a different angle, at a railroad crossing 'X'. He too found himself stuck at this point.

Okay, we wondered ... what was this about? We never get stuck in the grids.

Ron pulled up to the restaurant in Little Falls, NJ, a place he had never been to before. You had to hear the excitement in his voice as he looked up and there was the railroad setting exactly as he had envisioned it 10 minutes before - a time travel moment. He sent the following image - crossroads - 'X' box - tracks, tracking.

When I see the railroad symbol in the Nazi Grid Program, I can physically capture the sights, sounds and smells, that link to Jewish prisoners being taken away to the gas chambers by train. That's the grid I revisit to find my answers when needed.

In our current grid program, I am strongly connected to Trae, (Marcus). We were brought together by a unique set of synchronicities on New Years Day 1996. He remembered coming into the program to help me close it, so it is no surprise that he wound up as Admin for Crystalinks. Without him monitoring everything, there would be no Crystalinks, as the cost, based on bandwidth used, would be way over the top for me. We run our own server now. He runs it ... I blog and do the html. Trae is the best at this and yes he works in the computer field. Trae and I have had some cool grid travel experiences on and off the planet linked to Orion and Sirius.

In our timeline, Sirius appears in the midheaven at midnight on New Years Eve, January 1. If the skies are clear, you can look to the south and see Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, shining down on our planet and heralding the arrival of a New Year.

In the US Wild West Program, I always see the same railroad station, a woman carrying a parasol, checking a pocket watch, a bright light in the sky ... and then she is gone. Trae was part of that lifetime. I ran a brothel and he was my client/boyfriend. We had a son named Ty in 1888, after which he left, I sold the brothel and moved to NYC. Amazing how many people have seen the same imagery and verified the names, dates and places.

He and I sometimes have discussions about the program, on levels too numerous and difficult to define in this blog. I guess I could call him my Admin on many levels. He also sees everything in place for closure as we get close and the train pulls into the station. Of course Trae is part of the Nazi Program and was a physicist involved with time travel experiments that caused the rips in time not allowing the program to close ... and on and on. No room for error this loop around.

Ellie and Dennis Saturday Afternoon 11/3/07

Dennis is a close friend. He currently writes a weekly business blog for Crystalinks. We met in March 2004 when he came here for a reading. He grew up in my area and resides in Dallas as of this post.

Though Dennis and I didn't plan to grid travel, as we sat talking on the phone, we found ourselves pulled into the experience. We saw the scenes played out the same way simultaneously.

Previously ... Before Dennis and I met in March 2004, he had a past life regression seeing himself as a physicist in a lab, white coat, etc. in the Nazi Program. For me, it's always been about time travel experiments in an underground lab that created an endless loop in time, that will be broken, after a chain (DNA) of events happens. This seems to be a common thread that links all of the players I have met through the years - people who independently find themselves at 'a gala party' and what evolves from there. Currently, it leads me to believe this might be a metaphor about how this reality/dream/game/virtual program was created - souls of light sitting in a circle creating consciousness games of experience.

Further ... I have also been told by several psychics, some quoting Z, that I came to Earth from Sirius, in the beginning, to create the current program. Sirius links with Isis energies, the feminine component in the game. There is much more about my adventures in Sirius that I could elaborate on, but not in this blog.

Do I think I am Isis? No! Not important ... She is a metaphor in the game. Isis, or other feminine icon connections, goes to the part of our souls, especially women, who see themselves as goddesses or priestesses, here on a mission that is rapidly unfolding and comes to closure soon. It connects the creational aspect of one's soul to higher frequency. At zero point it allows you to remember why they came here and what to do. It has to do with the closure of the program and return of consciousness out of the physical back into the light and on and on ...

Grid Travel in the Nazi Program

For me, the scene always opens with the same image - the rooftop of a chalet, high in a secluded mountainous area - in winter. Why the snowy rooftop? There's a metaphor in there somewhere - maybe consciousness frozen in time. I have come to understand that the location is Bavaria and a party thrown by Hitler, or he was the guest of honor. I have seen important people from all stations of life, coming and going in limos. I am one of them. Inside we find guests dressed in formal attire, music playing, and an uneasy sense of something clandestine about to happen. I have seen myself in various scenarios, usually as a male scientist, but not always. It depends who I am playing with and their 'outer' connection to 'the game'. I have always found it interesting to hear others recount their adventures at the party, the main themes the same, as if following the same geometric blueprint, sometimes with variations, often about secret chambers and labs and at times aliens.

Ellie and Dennis

In this rendition, viewed simultaneously, and with amazing clarity, I am a tall slim woman dressed in a sexy red gown, red lipstick, upswept black hair, carrying a clutch purse, that I could feel in my hand, circa 1940.

I glance around for someone in the crowded room, trying to conceal a feeling of anxiety. Across the room I notice Dennis, looking like a 1940's James Bond type of character, dark hair slicked back, wearing a tuxedo. We walk toward each other as if meeting casually, though one could sense there was greater purpose.

A knowing glance, a smile of recognition, as we walk out onto a balcony. Standing there in the cold night air, my physical body temperature starts to drop, just as Dennis says, "It's cold here." I tuck in under my navy velour blanket as Dennis and I quickly return to the scene.

But something is most unusual this time. The image of myself seems to phase in and out, for what reason, I am still not certain.

Dennis hands me a tube of lipstick - shiny black with gold trim. I open it as he watches and find a rolled up piece of paper with symbols on it that seem familiar but have no meaning to either of us. Obviously they were alien in nature.

We phase in and out once again finding ourselves in a dark space, which feels familiar and yet undefined. The symbols on the paper change into golden light, as if in a cylinder or tube, spiraling between us as we watch. The symbols are codes that stir our souls. Then something new happened for me. I was back in my 1954 experience, where I met Z and saw symbols that would resurface at the end of the game.

I could not tell you how long Dennis and I were there as the experiences seemed like seconds, but I would guess approximately 20 minutes ... We came back to this reality when I heard Z say that it was time for my next reading - a phone session with a woman named Liz.

As Dennis and I slowly returned, we both physically heard a dog barking, several times, as if that would be significant.

Reading with Liz

During the course of my reading with Liz, the memory of the barking dog still seemed important for some reason. Liz mentioned that in 2006 she had lost her dog, Cody, who was part golden retriever. Many people see things in their pets that sets them apart from other animals, but Liz had something interesting to share about Cody. It seems that others psychics told her that Cody was special and independently told her that Cody had come here from Sirius - a scientist there, but taking the form of a dog here. This blew me away, especially as I hadn't told Liz about my experience with Dennis. I found this a synchronicity .. of all the clients to read at this time ... and sensed more.

Hanging up with Liz, I immediately called Dennis to share. What Dennis said next was even more mind blowing. In 2006, he also lost his dog who was part golden retriever ... whose name was Cody! I didn't remember his dog because Dennis and I lost touch from February 2006-September 2007. Dennis had always considered Cody to be special; it's all in the eyes, his death coming unexpectedly as major changes evolve in Dennis' life and connections old and new are rekindled.

UFO Disclosure Files - November 2007