Thursday November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving for many Americans has to do with travel, being with family and friends, a long four-day holiday weekend - all of which sets the stage for the energies of the December holiday season. I spent Thanksgiving in New Jersey having an amazing time with family, enhanced by a picture perfect Autumn day.

One of the topics of conversation was Michaele and Tareq Salahi who now rank as the most successful gatecrashers in the history of the White House. Wednesday evening they crashed Barak Obama's first State Dinner, taking photos with dignities and celebrities, then posting them on Michaela's Facebook. This Virginia couple are the latest in a long line of White House gatecrashers, having their '15 minutes of fame'. This entire event reads like a future movie with shades of the Nicolas Cage 2004 film National Treasure which takes us to the Freemasons and related.

This event led my family and I to a discussion about social networking as everyone has an opinion. I was pleased to hear my 11 year old grandson Michael, an 'A' student, laugh as he discussed his lack of interest in reading about the silly every-day things people post on Twitter and Facebook. "Those are text messages," he said with conviction. I agree.

Stories were told, both positive and negative, about the results of posting on social networks. One was about a man going through a divorce, claiming to have no job or money, but was dumb enough to post about his get-away from New York to Las Vegas on Twitter, complete with photos, which were read by his wife's lawyer who was looking for a loop-hole. Then there was the story of two sisters who do not get along. One figured out the password of the other and started a family feud using her sister's Facebook to post comments allegedly from her.

Maybe it's about ego, or just plain fun and the attention many seek to make them feel important, but one should be careful about such things as they can be detrimental ... but alas ... all things in our reality come with duality. On the upside, many old friendships have been rekindled through social networking, souls seeking reunion on many levels of reality ... as we journey home.

Where is Home?

Some say, "Home is where the heart is", which is very true. You can take that to the 'heart chakra', the spiraling center (wheel of time and karma) many call the place of the soul. Actually the soul is partially here, coexists in many realities simultaneously, reunion just a heartbeat away.

My home is here in Brooklyn as my frequency vibrates with the resonance of the elements that surround me, a place that captures my heart to send on to others. It is where my inspiration grows, spirits connect, and I find peace and balance. To find your home, is to understand your transition from here will be swift as your grid will align back into creation.

Many people will never find their home here, as it does not exist, but perhaps peace of mind can be found living with, or near, someone you love and share destiny with. That person becomes your 'home' in a manner of speaking as the connection of the two creates a bridge to the other side when the program ends. We will soon be returning to our true home in light.

Thanksgiving Day is a jewel,

to set in the hearts of honest men.

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