The Templar's Code and the Grid

November 2, 2010

While discussing the latest in a series of action adventure books by author Chloe Palov, she told me a story about her mom, Ria's, recent passing, as it linked with Z and the grids. Chloe lives in Virginia. As Chloe is a professional writer, I asked if she would share the story with the Ellie's World readers. "Of course," said Chloe in her happy bubbly way. So here we are on Election Day, which in some ways links to the Knights Templar and Z in his various persona, sharing a tale or two as we join Chloe through...

the revolving door of time and consciousness...

The Grid

by Chloe Palov

Where to begin the tale of two kindred spirits? Since endings always cycle back to a new beginning, how about starting in the middle?

Best friends, Ria and I both suffered from 'earthquate sickness'; finished each other’s sentences, and would often laugh ourselves silly over, well, something silly. We were utterly convinced that coffee, curry, and Cabernet Sauvignon make the world a better place. Craving a slice of Shaker lemon pie, we once drove three hundred miles roundtrip to satisfy the urge. (FYI: Pleasant Hill, Kentucky is particularly lovely this time of year). A mischievous pair, we hung a poster on the wall of a mother elephant cuddling her baby calf; we got a big kick out of telling people that it was our 'portrait'. We had a thing for elephants, what can I say?

We could spend hours yakking about spirituality, reincarnation, strange lights in the night sky, and what to expect in the hereafter. Having had two near-death OBEs, Ria was better informed on the latter.

For all our similarities, Ria and I were blessed with different 'gifts'. Ria was sensitive to energy flows and could see 'haints' (what we in the Appalachians call ghosts). I have pre-cognitive dreams. However, we were both empaths, able to pick up on other people's emotions. We often joked that being an empath is more curse than gift. Smudging helps.

With great joy, I share these lovely memories of the sweet used to be. On the evening of August 29th, my mother, Ria Palov, died from uterine cancer.

Old souls, Ria and I have lived many lifetimes together. Some we could recall in vivid detail. Others were little more than a fleeting impression. Many years ago, when we were living in DC, we went to a past-life regression seminar. While in a hypnotic state, my mother relived a past life in which we were 'sisters' in ancient China. In my regression, I saw us as 'brothers-in-arms' fighting in the Civil War. Curiously enough, in this lifetime, Ria had always been drawn to Chinese art, food, and culture. In fact, she made me promise that I would place her ashes in a jade Chinese box. (Have yet to find that perfect box, but am still looking).

And so the cycle continues . . . or does it?

Two days before my mother died, she went into what can only be described as a medium's trance. While in this altered state, she hurriedly scribbled two pages of – dictated? – words, phrases, and numbers. At the top of the first page she drew a grid over which she wrote the word 'EARTH'. Next to that she wrote 'DIR' and 'TAVOR'. Beneath the grid, she wrote the letter 'Z', the word 'CLOCK', the numerals '707', and the phrase 'NO BACKWARDS'.

Needless to say, I was floored. During the course of all those conversations on the metaphysical, Ria and I never once discussed 'the grid' or Z. Moreover, I know for a fact that my mother had never visited Ellie's webpage.

The rest of the dictation was more personal in nature, most of it written in number code or highly symbolic language. I'm still wading through it. Luckily, I love a good mystery.

As does my mother.

One week after Ria 'hit the hereafter road', I was awakened by a loud buzzing sound. Disoriented, I realized that the sound emanated from the kitchen. Toddling downstairs, I was surprised to discover that the timer on the built-in oven had gone off. Surprised because in the two years that I've lived in this house, I have never once used the timer and had no idea how to even set it. (It's one of those ancient things from the 1970's). But the real shock came when I saw that the clock on the timer was set to 7:07!

Okay, this got my attention. Realizing that Ria was trying very hard to tell me something, I turned on my computer. While I understood the meaning of most of the dictated words that accompanied the grid drawing, there was one glaring exception: 'Tavor'. Clueless, I did what most people do, I Googled it. Seems that a 'Tavor' is a type of assault rifle. And that's when all the pieces fell into place. I believe that the dictated grid message pertains to a 'direct assault on the Earth,' the proverbial 'clock' ticking down to July 7th. Of what year, I have no idea. The phrase 'No Backwards' speaks for itself.

Yes, I know, rather apocalyptic. But, hey, the program has to end somehow.

Certainly, Ria's 'grid' proves that we're all interconnected. And, just so you know, on that warm August evening, I had finished reading aloud Alexander Pope's The Universal Prayer when my mother transitioned to the other side, a radiant, beaming smile on her face.

Mine, too.

The Knights Templar