Teens, Mental Illness, Suicide

April 2013

Mentally illness has always been part of the human equation, and generally surfaces at puberty if not sooner. Within the hologram of our reality, it's about the way the teen is programmed for experience - brought forth in their genetic code and environment. All you can do is get as much help as possible and hope change is part of the patterns of the child's life. More often than not, the outlook is not good as the child is on the road to one self destructive pattern after another - highlighted around age 19 - and as the depression grows worse and thoughts of suicide surface.

Teens with mental illness are a very scary and destruction group as hormones rage and brain chemistry is off. This takes us to the psychological and physical development of the teen's brain. Sometimes their brains are not full developed adding to the confusion. One day you are the parent of what you thought was your healthy child and the next day they are someone else. Yet the writing was always on the wall.

Disturbed teens tend towards unpredictable behavior and the family suffers. Parents blame each other and things get worse.

How does one help their mentally ill teen who refuses to do ... anything ... even see a psychiatrist because their depression is so bad? Most parents are not prepared. As the TV commercial says ... "Depression hurts" the person and those around them.

Mental illness in teens usually leads to self medication and substance abuse - but you know about all of that.

Medication is a tricky matter as one must find the right medication, dosage, and hope it works for several years - as with all meds, they often lose their effectiveness in time.

How do we, as parents, teachers, counselors, etc. help their preprogrammed patterns? Please don't say holistic therapists are the way to go. They are a bandaid and stop the behavior for a while ... but that patterns will resurface in another form at some point. This takes us to holistic healing to change one's destiny ... another bandaid to heal pain but only one's programming can create permanent change.

Yes this goes to Free Will and the "we can change anything philosophy" ... not true ... or most of us would be living in comfort without challenges.

Teens do not want to be mentally ill or learning challenged, unable to focus and make a decision about life. They want to feel good, look hot, have a great social and sex life, excel in academics, and sports - or whatever they are interested in. Sadly, life does not always work out that way.

Teen suicides linked to disturbing trend: online images of sexual assault   Yahoo - April 12, 2013
A 15-year-old girl from California and a 17-year old from Canada killed themselves, their families say, after images of their being sexually assaulted were posted online. In Steubenville, Ohio, more charges are possible. Less than a month after two boys were sent to juvenile prison for raping a girl in Steubenville, Ohio, allegations of teens circulating online images of sexual violence are again coming to light this time with the added tragic element of suicide.

The Loss of a Child to Suicide

As you know I often blog about college age students suffering from any number of emotional problems, going postal or taking their own lives. On a sad note I received this email from a client in Chicago, and reader of this blog:

I am so sorry for your tragic loss. I know you are psychic and often as much as we are shown, some things are never told until it is after the fact, as the destiny of that person must play out as per their programming. All of the medications, natural products, etc. cannot change the fate of the souls or the hologram itself, but I know you understand that and the nature of reality. Perhaps this might bring you some degree of comfort at this time. I can't imagine any greater loss than that of a child, especially at such a young age and with so much to live for. Monica's death is so sad and we send our love to you at this time.