Teaching Activates Past Life Experience

I enjoy being both a student and a teacher - always have and always will. It's all part of the process.

Sunday ... June 13, 2010

What can be more flattering to a Mom than her daughter recommending her to teach a post graduate class of professionals. Such is the case with me and my daughter Tracy, a teacher in Chandler, Arizona who took a 3-day "gifted" adult education seminar this weekend. Tracy and I are the teachers in the family. She loves teaching Elementary School and as a Virgo with three Masters degrees, is always taking one course or another and getting another certificate.

The Seminar ..

We used Skype ... Tracy's computer was placed on a table at the front of the room - an image of me projected on a larger screen behind it. The 6 teachers sat in a semi-circle with their teacher Dr. Rita in the middle. She has a PhD in Gifted Education and Special Education, has traveled the world teaching and lecturing, and writes curriculum for students and teachers. The teachers, came from various backgrounds, all local to the area.

For one hour the class asked me questions about different topics. Most were focused on Education - from teaching gifted students to those who are learning challenged (including autism) to Indigo Children as we took "education" to all levels. General questions went to the economy, BP, Obama and Earth changes, as Arizona shook during the Baja, California 7.2 earthquake on April 4, 2010. People are not going to pay attention until it hits close to home.

In the synchronicities of life, sometimes we are triggered in the most unusual ways. For example ... while teaching the class, a woman asked, "What is your most interesting memory as a young student?" As if a blast from the past ... a memory returned to my consciousness after decades of being buried. I saw myself back in 7th grade, age 12, one year after my 1954 UFO experience in the Nevada desert.

I was in a school production, playing the role of a German woman, having only two lines to say with a German accent.

Sunday, I remembered that as I recited my lines before the audience, my accent became so real, I was suddenly talking in German ... and when that happened, it triggered my first flashback (past life recall).

Time stood still. I was in Germany in the Nazi labs ... watching the time travel experiments and probably more that I don't recall.

Time returned. The audience applauded. My teacher did not look thrilled, but the show went on. Afterwards he told me to never do that again and I didn't ... until I became involved in metaphysics many years later and could control my time travel events. It was at this point, I knew I could influence the movement of time.

FYI - After my1954 incident I was also able to heal people by touching them, but asked Z to make that power go away, as it scared me. Don't know what I would have done without Z as who else would have understood. I just wanted be a normal kid.

My book/screenplay 2012 Sarah and Alexander mentions Stuttgart, Germany. Oddly two of the teachers met there, somehow igniting a link between us.

So here I am 55 years later, as the final moments unfold in our drama

... as most people wonder what creates reality?

From one teacher to another and those on the Tv series Glee ... the answers is ...

Harmonics ... and the bending of light at different angles to create the illusion